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WIRE Buzz: The late Don Rickles is in Toy Story 4, The Order renewed by Netflix, more

By Josh Weiss
Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 2

As it turns out, the voice of the late Don Rickles will bring Mr. Potato Head to life for one last time in this summer's Toy Story 4.

While the comedian (who died in April of 2017 at the age of 90) had not recorded any new lines for the project before his passing, director Josh Cooley, co-writer of Inside Out, debunked the assumption that he wouldn't be in the film.

“All of his pieces may be replaceable, but his voice is not. Honored he signed on for TS4, honored he’s in TS4," wrote Cooley in a Twitter post today.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cooley revealed that recordings of Rickles from the first three movies, as well as other Toy Story tie-in materials, were used (with permission from the comedian's family) to bring the character back for the fourth installment.

“Of course we loved Don obviously, and after he passed, his family contacted us and asked if there was any way that we could create a performance using the recordings that we had," he said. "Now, he signed to be in Toy Story 4. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to record him for the film. But we went through, jeez, 25 years of everything we didn’t use for Toy Story 1, 23, the theme parks, the ice capades, the video games — everything that he’s recorded for Mr. Potato Head. And we were able to do that. And so I’m very honored that they asked us to do that, and I’m very honored that he’s in the film. Nobody can replace him.”

Rickles joined the popular Pixar franchise when he first voiced Mr. Potato Head in the 1995 original. He got a wife, Mrs. Potato Head, at the end of that movie, but she didn't appear until 1999's Toy Story 2, in which she was voiced by Seinfeld's Estelle Harris.

Toy Story 4 opens in theaters June 21. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Keanu Reeves, Jordan Peele, Christina Hendricks, Keegan-Michael Key, Annie Potts, Michael Keaton, and Tony Hale are all a part of the voice cast. You can watch the latest trailer here.


Netflix's supernatural series The Order — which just dropped its debut season a few weeks back — has already been renewed for a second season.

The news was revealed in a short YouTube video in which the main characters pour a volatile blue potion onto some old parchment, which ignites. Soon after, the words "Season 2 Coming to Netflix" pop onto the screen.

Created and executive-produced by Dennis Heaton (Motive) and Shelley Eriksen (Private Eyes), The Order is about a college student (Jack Morton) who pledges to avenge his mother's death, only to find himself immersed in a world of werewolves and black magic.


ABC just added a new cast member to its Bermuda Triangle drama series, simply titled Triangle, according to Deadline.

Lorenzo Richelmy will appear on the show as Ham, a lost pirate/law-breaking adventurer who distrusts newcomers. The actor is best known for playing the titular historical explorer in Netflix's short-lived Marco Polo series.

Lorenzo Richelmy

Under the Dome's Mike Vogel leads the cast as David Roman, who ends up in the Bermuda Triangle with his daughter and fiancée. While there, they meet other lost travelers from different periods in history and must work with them to return home.