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Elvira channels The Walking Dead and Mad Max in Dynamite's new Halloween one-shot

By Jeff Spry
elvira hero

It's simply not Halloween without the playful presence of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and Dynamite Entertainment is partnering up with Kickstarter and the campy horror queen for a prestige Halloween-themed one-shot written by Elvira herself alongside longtime Elvira scribe David Avallone and artwork via Dave Acosta (Doc Savage).

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - The Omega Ma'am is a campy collection of Elvira's sci-fi-centric misadventures injected with sheer terror and titillation as it honors some of the most iconic fright flicks and TV series on Earth. It's available exclusively on Kickstarter starting this week to ship in early 2021 — and SYFY WIRE has stirred up a special exclusive look at this wild one-time issue.

elvira 1

Originally conceived from a cheeky "Quarantine Special" codename, this new 48-page story finds Elvira waking up from a short coma (due to a hairspray overdose) to find the entire region of Los Angeles deserted. Wandering around aimlessly with her canine companion, it appears as if she's the lone survivor of some cataclysmic event. However, The Last Sex Symbol on Earth has some creepy company, as she soon discovers.

Now she must confront a cult of zombie-like survivors who've swallowed cleaning products that mutate their DNA as she seeks to find out what happened and where to get a decent cup of coffee. This exclusive Elvira offering takes its shocking inspiration from classic Hollywood movies and TV shows like The Omega Man, The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Mad Max, and others.

elvira slice 1

"[The year] 2020 has been an absolutely crazy year and I wanted my latest story to reflect the world outside our windows and ramp it up even more in the patented Elvira manner!" Elvira tells SYFY WIRE. "Working with David Avallone on the story has been a great process, as he’s brilliant at channeling my voice and is totally into all the classic (and campy) films and literature that I love poking fun at.

"We’re bringing in a lot of inspiration for this story, like The Omega Man starring the always-sultry Charlton Heston, to match the post-apocalyptic story. Watching as Dave Acosta’s artwork rolls in has been a joy, as his style captures not only how drop-dead gorgeous Elvira is, but also brings the scares.”

elvira slice 2

On the Kickstarter site, rabid fans can purchase several variations of the book, including a striking watercolor cover by artist Dave Acosta and a photo cover. Elvira will also be signing a limited number of copies for diehard collectors. Dynamite will offer a coloring book cover with Acosta's inked artwork on heavier paper stock.

Extra goodies that can be added to one's Halloween haul include Dynamite's vintage Elvira tales, trading cards, high-quality litho prints, a collectible coin, and her very own supernatural spectral board to converse with the dead!

Now check out our exclusive preview for Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - The Omega Ma'am in the full gallery below.