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Exclusive: Superman battles Superior Man in Superman: Red Son Cold War showdown

By Jacob Oller
Superman Red Son

Superman: Red Son is the latest comic storyline to get the animated film treatment from DC, bringing its classic what-if plotline — "What if Superman landed in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas?" — to cinema for the first time. Now SYFY WIRE can exclusively show off one of the coolest parts of the action-packed tale.

Based on Mark Millar's Elseworlds story, Superman: Red Son has a lot of twists and turns. One of the most fun and earliest in the story is an inspired tweak of the Bizarro character: the battle between Soviet Superman and the United States' "Superman 2." These events snowball into Lex Luthor's ultimate endgame of destroying Superman, but like any gimmicky comic showdown, the Superman vs. Superman action is where it's at.

Renamed Superior Man for this film, this time around the American hero is here to wipe the floor with Superman ... and he isn't showing any of the Man of Steel's signature "killing them with kindness" attitude about it, either.

Check it out:

Superman (Jason Isaacs) and Superior Man (Travis Willingham) — a match made in heaven. And let's be honest, Superman having that Russian accent rules very hard. And, since one of the names is changed, fans might be wondering what other elements of the story might have gotten a slight update since its 2003 source material. Well, DC has played it fast and loose with its animated endings before, so be on the lookout.

Superman: Red Son features the voices of Isaacs and Willingham, as well Diedrich Bader's Lex Luthor, Amy Acker's Lois Lane, Vanessa Marshall's Wonder Woman, Phil Morris' James Olsen, Roger Craig Smith's Batman, Sasha Roiz's Hal Jordan, and Phil LaMarr's John Stewart. Sam Liu (Reign of the Supermen) handles directorial duties this time around.

Superman: Red Son hits Digital on Feb. 25 and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on April 17.