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Exclusive: Team Scorpio tackles mission of vengeance in IDW's Gears Of War: Hivebusters

By Jeff Spry
GOW Hero

Gears of War, the billion-dollar cross-platform gaming franchise delivered by Epic Games and The Coalition, has been grinding out monster-slaying sequels with some serious firepower ever since the killer sci-fi shooter first struck the market in 2006.

Capitalizing on the momentum of last year's insanely popular Gears of War: The Rise of RAAM comic book, IDW Publishing and The Coalition are teaming up to present Gears of War: Hivebusters #1, the first blood-stirring chapter in a fresh five-issue storyline — and SYFY WIRE has a look inside its adventurous pages.

GOW Cover

Deftly written by Kurtis Wiebe (Rise of RAAM) and attached to vibrant art by Alan Quah (Dark Souls, Quake Champions), Hivebusters introduces Team Scorpio, a fearless new generation of valiant commandos racing hell-bent toward a heated conflict that will result in an epic hailstorm of bullets.

After the ambitious outfit successfully busts a Swarm hive on the exotic island of Pahanu, this suicide squad will face their most hazardous mission yet — going after the Swarm that decimated the home settlement of one of their key team members.

SYFY WIRE hooked up with writer Kurtis J. Wiebe to hear about this gung-ho Gears of War miniseries and what violent delights fans can look forward to when the premiere issue charges into comic book shops on May 8.

GOW Slice 1

"I think what will surprise people the most is how heartfelt this miniseries is," Wiebe tells SYFY WIRE. "These are three brand-new characters in the Gears franchise, and we've been given an immense amount of freedom to tell their story. Alongside some amazing, violent, bloody battles being realized by the amazing Alan Quah, I've been able to weave a shattering story of loss and grief. Gears of War has always balanced those aspects of storytelling really well, and for Gears fans, it will feel like home, but totally new."

In addition to the addictive video game releases, Gears of War has inspired a full line of clothing, collectibles, board games, tie-in books, action figures, Funko collectibles, and a series of riveting graphic novels in partnership with IDW Publishing. Universal Studios has also announced in October of 2016 that it optioned the motion picture rights to the Gears of War franchise for a potential big-screen epic.

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“Expanding the lore of Gears through comics allows us to introduce our fans to new characters and new stories, while also reaching a new audience with our partners at IDW," The Coalition's studio head Rod Fergusson adds in a statement. "Following the success of Rise of RAAM, we’re thrilled to have Kurtis return and to welcome Alan into the Gears family with Hivebusters, as their combined talents will help to craft a deeply personal and perilous adventure from an entirely new perspective. I can’t wait!”

Buckle up for a rough ride back to Sera with our exclusive 6-page peek inside Gears of War: Hivebusters #1, then tell us if you'll load up on this compelling series when Team Scorpio attacks stores May 8.