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Fast & Furious 9: Justin Lin shares behind the scenes look at stunt that took 8 months to pull off

By Josh Weiss

The teaser for Fast & Furious 9 that ran during this year's Super Bowl was only 31 seconds long, but its most impressive visual — that of a car crashing through a store and into a truck on the other side — took eight months of prep before it was filmed. Director Justin Lin, known for helming four previous entries in the high-octane franchise, shared a behind-the-scenes look at the stunt in the wake of the latest footage.

The filmmaker revealed that the major set piece, which only runs for four seconds, took up four days of production and led to the destruction of three cars. "Work from over a hundred of the most dedicated and talented crew. Best job in the world!" he wrote. 

Take a look below and prepare to have your mind blown:

Given the Fast & Furious IP is slowly reaching the end of its road, F9 is expected to pull out all the stops, including a potential trip to outer space. The ensemble cast also goes for broke with Vin Diesel ("Dominic Toretto"), John Cena (Dominic's brother, "Jakob"), Michelle Rodriguez ("Letty Ortiz"), Charlize Theron ("Cipher"), Tyrese Gibson ("Roman Pearce"), Chris “Ludacris” Bridges ("Tej Parker"), Jordana Brewster ("Mia Toretto"), Nathalie Emmanuel ("Ramsey"), and Helen Mirren ("Magdalene Shaw"), and Sung Kang ("Han Lue").

"It’s been a two-year journey, so to be out there with the fans, I feel like I’ve come full circle, because even though I didn’t expect to come back, they’re a big reason why I am," Lin told Entertainment Weekly last January. "It was so great to know on a Chapter 9 that we still have a lot more to go. We’re not going to be reusing and doing things that we’ve done before. The great news is that even with the trailer, there’s still a lot that’s not being shared, so that’s something I’m very proud of."


As of right now, F9 is set to open Memorial Day weekend on Friday, May 28. Though, like most release dates these days, that could always change depending on the pandemic. Lin will close out the series with a tenth entry broken up into two, MCU-inspired parts.

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