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What Happened to Gisele, Gal Gadot's Character in the Fast & Furious Franchise?

Fast X sees the return of a major character from to franchise, which means it's time for a refresher on who Gisele (Gal Gadot) is. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Fast X Trailer

Among the cavalcade of shocking moments that made up the ending of Fast X was the shocking return of the massive and fan-beloved character Gisele Yashar (Gal Gadot) who, like her former love, was thought to be very, very dead. 

Since her (what we now know to be fake) death in Fast & Furious 6, babies were born, brothers were reunited, Han Lue (Sung Kang) died and came back from the dead, Cipher (Charlize Theron) came into the fold, and many a barbecue was had. 

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However, it was revealed at the end of Fast X that Gisele was somehow alive and well the whole time and possibly in cahoots with Cipher. While it may seem hard to believe she’s got any kind of friendship with such a heinous villain, she seems to have been part of her escape plan from The Agency’s black site by rolling up to Antarctica in a giant submarine.

Look, the Fast & Furious franchise moves a mile a minute, so we won’t fault you for maybe needing a refresher on who exactly Gisele is, why she’s important to Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his infamous “family,” and what happened to her. So, let’s take this a quarter-mile at a time and remember everything there is to know about the character before she plays what is sure to be a key part in the eleventh movie.

Who Is Gisele? 

The character was first introduced in Fast & Furious when Toretto infiltrated the Braga Cartel in Mexico as a driver because he believed they had something to do with the “death” of Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). Gisele was seemingly working for Braga as a loyal member of the team. However, it turns out she was actually on the side of the angels the whole time. 

It is later revealed that Gisele, a former Mossad agent, was good friends with Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) and worked with him and The Agency doing operations related to the drug trade. While he never explicitly says her work with the Braga Cartel was part of that… One can make their own assumptions. 

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That may explain why, when Braga ordered the execution of Letty and the other drivers in his employ, Gisele secretly helped Letty get medical attention and flee the country. By the time Dom and Brian (Paul Walker) were done with Braga, she had fully switched sides. 

Was Gisele Part of Dom’s “Family”?

After helping Dom and Brian in Fast & Furious, she was considered a member of the family and the one they turn to when they need to get their hands dirty. That’s why they tapped her for their big job in Rio in Fast Five as “someone who ain't afraid to throw down. Someone to back up every position.” 

Unlike the rest of them whose training is in petty theft and driving, Gisele could always be found over at the weapons table making sure everyone is ready when things go sideways and it’s time for bullets and fists to fly. However, her propensity to cover everyone’s backs was ultimately her undoing. 

What Happened to Gisele?

Tragedy struck after the events of Fast & Furious 6. Following the Rio heist, Gisele and Han began a relationship and spent the time in between those two movies globetrotting together and going on adventures. It’s implied that she split with The Agency around this time and dedicated her life to Han. In fact, after they completed their mission, Gisele said it was time for the two of them to settle down together in Tokyo. Sadly, that wouldn’t end up happening. 

While fighting Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), she and Han were battling one of his more formidable henchmen on top of a moving car that was tethered to a massive plane (that’s the Fast franchise for you). She beats the snot out of the guy but slips in all the mayhem. Han grabs her hand but she notices the henchmen coming back for round two behind him. So, rather than both of them dying, she lets go of Han’s hand, draws her pistol in the air, and downs the baddie once again with two well-placed shots, leaving Han free to finish him off after watching the love of his life disappear into the darkness — presumably forever. 

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Fortunately for fans of the franchise, it seems no one is ever dead for good (looking at you Johnny Tran). Gisele made her triumphant, albeit understated, return in Fast X right at the exact moment they needed her — with things going sideways and everyone needing a badass to watch their back. The question now is how she’ll explain her absence to everyone, especially Han, in the sequel to Fast X

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