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"Surreal": Vin Diesel Back on the Race Track to Prep for Fast & Furious Return

A new Fast & Furious is on the way, and Vin Diesel's preparing with a trip to a very important track.

By Matthew Jackson

It may not feel like it right now, but the final film in The Fast Saga is barreling toward us like a supercharged muscle car, and Vin Diesel's preparing with a trip back to a very special location. 

Diesel, who teased earlier this year that work has begun on the Saga's "Grand Finale," posted to his Instagram over the weekend to reveal that he's been track training for Fast 11, the next film in the main saga that's billed as the conclusion to the Toretto family story. The post (shown below) includes a photo of Diesel kneeling on the track at Irwindale Speedway in California, in front of what looks to be one of Dominic Toretto's signature Dodge Chargers

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Vin Diesel Back on the Track Prepping for Fast 11

As Diesel noted in his post, Irwindale Speedway will be familiar to any fans who watched F9: The Fast Saga back in 2021, as the location marks the spot of a very important moment in Toretto history. It was on this track, according to the lore of the movies, that Dom's father lost his life in a deadly crash. The fallout from that crash caused a decades-long rift between Dom and his brother Jakob (John Cena), a rift that was only healed after quite a bit of fighting in F9. We have no idea if the location will recur in The Fast Saga's endgame, but Diesel's training runs on the track are a nice nod to the franchise's history. 

In the wake of Fast X last year, Universal Pictures revealed that The Fast Saga will be getting at least two more movies: the much-anticipated, Saga-concluding Fast 11, and a new spinoff film focusing on Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs. We were all set to get Fast 11 in 2025, but according to director Louis Leterrier, the film is now set to arrive sometime in 2026, while the Hobbs spinoff doesn't yet have a release date. That means we've got a while to wait to see how the Toretto family gets out of the precarious (and deadly) situation they were in at the end of Fast X, but if we know Diesel, he'll be doing his best to make the wait worth it.

The first six films in The Fast Saga are now streaming on Peacock. The entire Saga, including Fast X, is also available to rent or own from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.