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Fear the Walking Dead bosses tease changes to come in Season 7: 'We really are creating a new world'

By Josh Weiss & Trent Moore
Fear the Walking Dead Colman Domingo and Omid Abtahi

Fear the Walking Dead closed out its sixth season last night and is already shambling toward a seventh. With production on the next season already well underway, Entertainment Weekly caught up with co-showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg in an effort to wheedle some teasers about what's to come for AMC's undead spinoff. As expected, there's plenty to look forward to after that, ahem, explosive finale.

The season finale set off some (literal) bombs thanks to a doomsday group with aims to reshape the world (in a post-zombie fashion), though at least most of the Fear survivors manage to survive the blast, albeit all scattered into different shelters across the proverbial map. But it's the arrival of a certain rescue helicopter that really had fans wondering what comes next. 

When asked about the mysterious Civil Republic Military (more commonly known as the CRM) connection, Goldberg revealed the shadowy group will have a role to play in the next batch of episodes. "I won't say how big, but as Andrew said, the fact that a CRM helicopter is showing up to airlift them out to safety is going to have repercussions in Season 7," he said. "I can't say much more than that, other than it's going to be exciting and we can't wait for people to see."

The CRM group has been hanging around the margins of pretty much every Walking Dead series the past few seasons, making appearances on the flagship show, fellow spinoff series World Beyond, and in Fear thanks to some mysterious maps and a rogue helicopter pilot who crossed paths with Althea (Maggie Grace). It seems we're finally reaching a point where their true goals might be made clear, especially with the mothership series now plotting its endgame.

*crosses fingers* Please give us some info on Rick!

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 finale

Near the end of the interview, Chambliss stated that the show's seventh season will feel even more like an anthology as Fear continues to reinvent itself. Goldberg, meanwhile, promised "a variety of different kinds of stories, different tones, [and] different worlds."

 "The format is the thing that we're carrying forward from the season," Chambliss explained. "The new things that we're introducing, it's what I said before when I was talking about the characters' ability to survive in this world, we really are creating a new world. The new show is going to look very different, the walkers are going to look very different. Everything is going to feel much more heightened, so we're really excited about that."

The sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead has wrapped, with Season 7 slated to premiere later this year on AMC. Season 6 is streaming on AMC+, while Season 1-5 are available on Hulu.