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Five of the most sizzling video game sex scenes

By Brittany Vincent
The Witcher - Geralt and Yennefer

When's the last time you sat back and enjoyed a video game sex scene? Probably not recently, since so few games take the plunge or put the effort into creating something romantic or sexy enough to remember (beyond visual novels, at least). That's why, for this oh-so-romantic month of February, we're bringing you five saucy sex scenes that go the extra mile to bring us sultry, mature, and erotic moments that you just don't see that often in gaming.

Whether it's two lovers getting intimate on the eve of destruction or a villainess looking to get her way, there's a variety in these scenes that should please just about anyone interested in delving into their voyeuristic side.

Beware, however, as these scenes are extremely racy and NSFW. Some are also wrought with spoilers. Feel free to enjoy them somewhere where you've got plenty of privacy, and bask in their sexual glory.

William "B.J." Blazkowicz and Anya Oliwa - Wolfenstein: New Order

Even deep in the midst of a crusade against Nazis in an alternate history, you've got to make time for, well, making love. While protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz and Anya, the mother of his children, are trapped on a terrifying train car essentially waiting to pass or fail a test from the Nazis, they take some time out for pleasure. It's more of a "now or never" situation that allows for shocking tenderness between both characters, letting two people connect in a touching and memorable way. The scene is still quite titillating, but it's more about the characters' emotional state than anything else in the moment. It's the type of writing that's rarely seen in gaming, and everything about it is done in such a tasteful, evocative way that you wonder why other titles haven't followed suit — at least, not to this degree. Wolfenstein: The New Order isn't bereft of adult situations by any means, but this is one tender moment that's worth remembering and sharing. 

Commander Shepard and Miranda Lawson - Mass Effect 2

Though you can choose multiple suitors in Mass Effect (and you can choose to play as male or female Commander Shepard), opting to sleep with Miranda Lawson is one of the best rewards you can get for pursuing a relationship with the Cerberus operative. Everything about the scene — the animation, the facial expressions, the slow teases — it's all as if it were taken from a Hollywood blockbuster, which can of course partially be attributed to character model Yvonne Strahovski's dynamite performance. Though Miranda isn't always the greatest character to have on your side throughout Mass Effect 2 (and hardly the most likable) the passion and sultry movements seen in this culmination of flirting and dialogue tree choices are undeniable. Love Miranda or hate her, this scene blows the other romance scenes in the game out of the water.

Geralt and Yennefer - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There's fantasy romance, and then there's "Geralt and lover Yennefer of The Witcher 3 having sex on a unicorn" romance. Geralt of Rivia looks like an amazing lover, and he shows it during this sensuous bit of lovemaking in the decidedly adult game, complete with kissing and a bit of foreplay. Yennefer suggests they make love on her enormous stuffed unicorn, and Geralt happily obliges. It's tender, sweet, and more than a little kinky. Yennefer is inventive when it comes to places she and Geralt make love, after all, and what better place than a huge stuffed unicorn? Mark that one off the bucket list. 

Jason Brody and Citra Talugmai - Far Cry 3

This is a scene that doesn't draw on romance or even love to make for a sultry moment. Instead, it's the harbinger of some pretty terrible things. The "warrior goddess" to the rebels on the island in Far Cry 3 will do anything to earn power and get her way. As it turns out, she's looking to conceive the "perfect warrior" with hero Jason Brody, and will do this any way she can — including seducing Jason into having sex with her. This POV moment isn't particularly meant to induce any sort of eroticism from the viewer since it's part of a pivotal story moment, but the way it plays out is a naughty moment well worth watching, especially since we don't see much of this in games. 

Grey Warden (Customer) and Morrigan - Dragon Age: Origins

Just like in BioWare's other hit series Mass Effect, you can choose to customize your protagonist Grey Warden to be either male or female in Dragon Age: Origins. Though the darkly sexy Morrigan is only available for players in heterosexual relationships (meaning you need to play a male character), triggering her intimate moment is absolutely well worth it. Morrigan is, by far, one of the greatest characters introduced in Dragon Age: Origins, and her sex scene follows suit. If you weren't into Morrigan before, you certainly will be after this. Her snarky witticisms outside of gettin' down to business will take on a whole new context. 

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