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SYFY WIRE Strong Female Characters

Forgotten Women of Genre: Margaret Sixel

By Kayleigh Donaldson
Margaret Sixel at the Academy Awards (Copyright: The Academy // YouTube)

March is Women's History Month. And while here on SYFY FANGRRLS we celebrate women's achievements throughout the year, we're going above and beyond for the upcoming month with a limited podcast series called Forgotten Women of Genre

Editing in film was originally the work of women, a back-breaking form of labor that was considered beneath the true artists of the medium. It wasn't until men started to see how artistically fulfilling the work could be that they began to dominate the field, as they do to this day. However, some of the most defining editing moments in film are the work of unsung women, and today, we turn our attention to the woman who made action movie history with her editing on Mad Max: Fury Road, Margaret Sixel.

Science fiction, fantasy, and all associated genres have finally evolved from a niche interest into a mainstream staple. But the women who have been instrumental in creating and shaping the nerdverse have largely gone unrecognized. Until today. Forgotten Women of Genre tells the stories of the women who helped some of the most famous fantasy worlds become a reality.

New episodes of this series will be released each day in the month of March, in addition to regularly scheduled episodes of STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS.

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