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SYFY WIRE Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones' Season 7 ice zombie finale has been reanimated with Funko Pops

By Elizabeth Rayne
Game of Thrones Funko Pop scene

Now that Game of Thrones is bracing itself for a horde of White Walkers and ice zombies to break into Winterfell this Sunday and every day feels like an entire year waiting to see who’s going to die (because there is no way everyone will come out of that avalanche alive), you’ve got something GoT-related to watch until the Battle of Winterfell.

To grab your attention and possibly keep you from giving up any Lannister gold as Vegas odds for who’s next to die get unbelievable, HBO has gone there. They’ve redone that part of the Season 7 finale—you know, when the Night King comes soaring in on the ice dragon formerly known as Viserion and blasts a ginormous hole in the Wall—in Funko Pops. Maybe you have enough of those to re-enact that scene on your own. You might. But now it’s official.

Sunday nights have been sacred for most of humanity for the past eight seasons. We’ve been watching someone get shot by a barrage of arrows or turn purple from drinking poison or die some other ghastly death in the name of sitting on a throne made of swords. Legions of fans have been waiting for a likely (at least according to Vegas) or unlikely character to seize the throne from Cersei Lannister, unless it’s Cersei herself. Now that GoT Collab-a-geddon has reached a maddening level, you have to watch this at least 10 times.

Of course, extra points if you watch it kicking back in your Game of Thrones sneakers as you eat way too many Game of Thrones Oreos, which don’t taste any different but have house symbols stamped on them, and guzzle one of the several existing Game of Thrones beers or Game of Thrones Mountain Dew. Pro tip: The can has to be cold for you to actually see Arya’s kill list materialize on it.

Brace yourself for the war of the ice zombies this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.