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Gaming: Cable & X-Force join Deadpool in Fortnite; Seinfeld fans pitch game about nothing & more

By Benjamin Bullard
Marvel X Force in Fortnite

First it was Deadpool as a solo act, but now it’s the whole X-Force. Yep, Fortnite is putting maximum effort into its current Marvel crossover, recruiting Cable and the rest of the mutants for a full-scale character invasion into its battle royale arena.

Epic Games has just revealed new skins that let you and your crew follow Deadpool into fearless battle as Cable, Psylocke, and Domino, along with character-appropriate gear to complete the package. Unlike Deadpool, whose weapons and full costume showed up a few days earlier, you don’t have to complete any additional challenges to suit up as a member of the X-Force, though: everything’s ready to go in the game’s item shop.

It’s the first time the mutants have gotten together on one screen since sailing past Deadpool 2’s star-crossed hero auditions, but not the first time we’ve seen Marvel movie heroes make the leap into Fortnite’s winner-take-all arena. Last year’s Avengers: Endgame crossover was a two-way jump between the game and the film (remember how Korg kept getting owned in Endgame by some Fortnite-playing punk called Noobmaster69?)

The X-Force add-on is just part of the bigger Deadpool theme that’s invaded Fortnite’s current Season 2 phase. The mouthy merc has also taken over the party yacht and keeps getting new tweaks as the season rolls on — including this week’s new unlockable X-Force-themed outfit. Hey, even if you end up getting owned like Korg, at least you can look great doing it.

Somebody get Russell Dalrymple on the phone! There’s a pair of Seinfeld fans with a hot pitch for a video game about nothing.

Game designer Jacob Janerka (Paradigm) and animator Ivan Dixon (The Simpsons, Rick & Morty) — two self-confessed Seinfeld lovers with a passion to revisit Jerry and the gang’s mindless meanderings in 1990s New York —  are hoping their idea for a video game based on the iconic sitcom will catch fire with online supporters. The duo has worked up a pretty sweet-looking concept for Seinfeld Adventure, a proposed point-and-click game based on NBC’s era-defining series, with a snazzy clip that rolls out animated versions of Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and the rest of the show’s lovable idiots.

Janerka and Dixon say on the game’s that they’re not affiliated with the show, but they hope to start a grassroots movement that gets the attention of the series’ rights holders and demonstrates that fan demand is strong for a playable tribute to one of TV’s most successful comedies.

“While Seinfeld finished its run over 20 years ago, it remains a relevant show that is still incredibly relatable for today's audiences,” they point out on the game's pitch page, adding that they’re such Seinfeld nerds that they “push friends and family away by bringing this idea up at every social gathering.” We’re not sure what Jerry himself would say about a video game based on Seinfeld, but somewhere Kenny Bania’s gotta be saying “That’s gold, Jerry — gold!”

You have to be a serial nostalgia lover for this one. The modern-day remake of Chex Quest, the 1990s shooter originally made to promote (what else?) Chex cereal, is getting a super-sized physical edition for hardcore fans to munch on — and it looks like a definite upgrade over the throwaway trinkets that lurk at the bottom of the box.

In addition to a downloadable Steam version recently revealed to be arriving sometime this summer, developer Limited Run Games is cleverly packaging the deluxe physical edition of the game inside its very own cereal box. Dubbed the “Chex Warrior Edition,” cereal’s about the only thing not included in the $149.99 bundle.

Chex Quest Chex Warrior Edition banner

In addition to the game itself, which wraps a G-rated nonviolent shooter inside Doom-like first-person mechanics, the Chex Warrior Edition also includes a replica of the Zorcher (that’s the gun our hero uses to snuff out those nutrient-stealing Flemoid baddies), a poster, a keychain, a “Zorch ’em all” T-shirt inspired by a certain famous Metallica album cover, enamel pins, a metal statue of the valiant Chex Warrior himself, and tons more.

If that’s not enough, truly devoted Chex Questers can also jam to the “funkiest, freshest breakfast beats for your record player,” says the developer, in the form of a vinyl version of the game’s soundtrack (seriously). While “summer” is still the firmest date we have for the game’s release, all these goodies are already available for pre-order via Limited Run’s landing page. Who’s hungry?