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Goliath Girls #3: If you like King Kong and Cthulhu, you'll love this Kaiju-tastic exclusive preview

By Josh Weiss
Goliath Girls #3 interior #6

What do you get when you put Pacific Rim and The Powerpuff Girls in a blender and just let it spin for a couple of minutes? Well, you'd get Goliath Girls, an insanely creative limited ComiXology series from writer Sam Humphries and artist Miralti Firmansyah. 

Set in a future where kaiju attacks are a normal occurrence, the series follows a group of young sisters who fight to protect what they call "Omegafauna" or "Goliaths." Although they became orphans from the giant monster attacks in the first place, they believe that all life, no matter how violent, is worth saving. They were even able to raise a Cthulhu-esque beastie they named "Ginger Spice."

With Issue #3 (out of 5) hitting stands next week, SYFY WIRE decided to wrestle the front cover and a couple of interior pages from the scaly claws of an Omegafauna just to reveal them exclusively to you right here, right now. It was no easy task, let us tell you.

"The next half of the series keeps building and building until the inevitable and disastrous emergence of the King of All Goliaths, who will forever change the balance between Goliaths and humans on Earth," Humphries tells SYFY WIRE.

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Of course, not everyone buys into their noble ideas, and the Girls are usually at loggerheads with the AJAX Girls, a group dedicated to wiping the kaiju scourge from the face of the Earth. Then there's the Goliath Girls' brother, Paul, who, under the control of the mysterious Brother Worm, tries to sabotage their best efforts.

"Issue 3 is a real turning point of the series, where we delve into the history of the main characters and connect the Goliath Girls with AJAX with Paul with Brother Worm with the Foundation with Ginger Spice ... we start to reveal the depth of the relationships that drive them to love and hate each other so much," Humphries continues.

Just so you know, the AJAX Girls have got their own behemoth, a giant King Kong-adjacent simian called "Space Ape." Oh, and did we mention that he totally fights Ginger Spice in Issue #3?!

Check it out below:

Goliath Girls #3 interior #6

“I grew up reading manga comics and watching anime during my childhood, and it really inspires me a lot when I read Sam’s script [for] Goliath Girls," adds Firmansyah. "Sam’s writing really triggered my memories on drawing monsters and animals! I've fallen in love even more with the appearance of Space Ape! I love to draw people — girls, especially. That’s why I put all my heart into each of the characters, finding all the interesting references in creating them, and am enjoying every brush stroke made during the whole process.”

Goliath Girls #3 goes on sale Feb. 13. In the meantime, head on down to the media gallery below to check out six exclusive interior pages (and a variant Japanese front cover) from the upcoming issue.