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Exclusive clip: Gotham writer explains how the show ties into Batman's comics history

By Josh Weiss
Gotham Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Last night, Fox's Gotham aired its last episode ever, ironically closing out the pre-Batman series after five seasons with a look at the grown-up Caped Crusader. While fans are understandably sad to see the show leave the airwaves, they can immediately relive the fifth and final season, which is now available to buy on digital platforms.

In addition to getting all 12 episodes, you'll gain access to a special behind-the-scenes documentary called Modern Mythology. According to the press release, it takes you "through the eyes of the producers and cast" to explore "the final chapter of the series as the show pushes Bruce Wayne to finally accept his destiny, the mantle of The Dark Knight."

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive snippet of that featurette, in which one of the show's writers, Seth Boston, talks about how they tied the series to the DC comics. The clip also explores the character evolutions of young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and a pre-commissioner Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) throughout the course of the series.

Check it out:

"Once you know what motivates Bruce, then any story you tell is tied to that motivation [and] feels like it's a continuation of the stories told throughout the years," Boston says.

Aside from its inclusion in the Season 5 set, the Modern Mythology documentary will also become available on its own on April 29. Physical copies (e.g. DVD and Blu-ray) of the final season, as well as a collection of the full series, won't go on sale until July 9 for $29.98 / $24.98 and $112.99 / $99.99, respectively.

Gotham may be over, but we still have the Alfred Pennyworth origin series to look forward to on Epix this summer. Watch the new trailer for that right here.