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Check Out The New DeLorean in Fast X

You may have noticed a particularly memorable shiny new car in Fast X.

By Matthew Jackson
Fast X Trailer

It goes without saying that the Fast & Furious films are a great place to look at all kinds of sports cars, muscle cars, concept cars, and occasionally even a tank or a submarine. They're full of cool hardware, but even by this franchise's standards, something particularly shiny and interesting popped up in the opening minutes of Fast X

You may have noticed that when a wounded Cipher (Charlize Theron) pulls up at Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) home in Los Angeles to warn him about Dante (Jason Momoa), she's driving a shiny silver DeLorean, a car brand you're not used to seeing regularly on the streets these days. But this wasn't just any DeLorean, according to NBCUniversal, it's an electric DeLorean Alpha5, so new that it hasn't even hit the consumer market yet. 

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It makes perfect sense for a character like Cipher to have such a car, including its off-market status, but the DeLorean is also a nod to the sustainability efforts behind-the-scenes of the latest Fast film. According to the production, the behind-the-scenes work to reduce emissions and waste on the production included the hiring of sustainability consultants, the use of new "hybrid battery systems," and 100% renewable energy usage while shooting at Leavesden Studios. Plus, many of the vehicles in the film were powered by biodiesel made from vegetable oil, rather than traditional fossil fuels.

Check out the new DeLorean in Fast X

All that, as well as donating leftover food to a London-based food rescue group, was enough to earn the film a Gold Seal from the Environmental Media Association. Not bad for a franchise that's pretty much exclusively about fast cars, explosions, and family. 

An image of a DeLorean Alpha5 that characters can been seen driving in Fast X

But let's go back to the DeLorean for a second. Yes, it's a nod to sustainability and a cool car for a character like Cipher, but just how did it end up in Fast X in the first place? According to director Louis Leterrier, speaking to Collider about the making of the film, it began as a joke. When fans began speculating about the possibility of time travel in the tenth Fast Saga film, and even theorized that Jakob Toretto's (John Cena) "Cannon Car" was in fact a time machine, the production got the idea to slip a DeLorean into a key sequence in a Back to the Future nod to movie time machines. 

How the new DeLorean ending up in Fast X

Of course, that meant they still had to get the car to make it happen, which meant Leterrier had to call the right people.

"I mean, it's Fast & Furious, so, you know, it's the car movie," he said. "You have to call a few people. The DeLorean is complex, it's finding who are the right – there's like two DeLorean companies, so we got the one and they were, you know, it was great. That car is gonna be amazing, it’ll be absolutely amazing. It was incredible. That street, you know, the street in downtown L.A., when we parked all these cars it was a museum of incredible cars. Even the Petersen Museum didn't have as many amazing cars, between the Pagani and then the Hellcat, the electric Hellcat, and then the DeLorean pulling in. I was like, 'Ahh, I’m having fun today.'"

Fast X is now streaming on Peacock.