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John Cena Turns a Car Into a Cannon in New Fast X Clip

Fast X is almost here, and the other Toretto brother has some tricks up his sleeve.

By Matthew Jackson
Fast X Trailer

We're just a couple of weeks away from Fast X, the penultimate installment in The Fast Saga, which will test the Toretto crew in ways we've never seen before. Now, to tide us over while the film revs up, a new clip has landed, and it's showing off a new toy for John Cena's Jakob Toretto. 

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As you may remember, Jakob was originally introduced as a villain F9: The Fast Saga, Dom's (Vin Diesel) long-lost brother who'd grown up to be a master thief, former agent working for Mr. Nobody, and of course, a guy who's really good around fast cars. By the end of that film, Dom and Jakob had managed to patch up their relationship (because Family) and Jakob joined the Toretto crew once again. Which is good, because Dom will need all the help he can get going up against Dante (Jason Momoa) in the new film.

In the clip below, originally released by IGN, you can watch as Jakob drives through a quarry with Dom's son Brian (Leo Abelo Perry) along for the ride, and an army of Dante's goons on their tale. Watching from a nearby tower, Dante makes it clear he only wants the duo kidnapped, not killed, but Jakob's not about to make it easy. See, he's made himself a cannon car, which works by...well, you know what, just watch.

Check out John Cena in action in the new Fast X clip below:

We've come to expect lots of new toys with each new Fast Saga release, so while the "cannon car" might not be surprising, it's still very fun to watch in action, particularly while Uncle Jakob delivers a lesson to his nephew on when it's okay to curse, proving that he really is family once again, after all.

It's far from the only big car gag we'll see in the film, but we definitely can't wait to see what else the cannon car can do when Fast X finally hits theaters in less than two weeks.

Fast X speeds onto the big screen May 19. Get tickets here!