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The Hunger Games: Watch Jennifer Lawrence Lose Her Appetite Over Hot Wings

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By Benjamin Bullard
Jennifer Lawrence enjoys wings on Hot Ones

Surviving the death gauntlet of The Hunger Games as Katniss Everdeen is one thing, but sitting down to a cleverly curated cacophony of superheated herbs and spices? For Jennifer Lawrence, the scorching ordeal of mouth-melting hot wings on popular web series Hot Ones might just be worse than being pierced by a well-aimed arrow.

The star of the The Hunger Games (streaming now on Peacock!) almost tapped out in her hilariously heated recent appearance on the show, admitting right from the start that host Sean Evans had probably sat down with other celebrity guests with a far bigger pain threshold than hers for capsaicin-spiked chicken wings. “I’m going into this very humble,” she joked. “I don’t think I have that high of a pain tolerance.”

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As things progressed from tasty to torturous, Lawrence hung in like the pride of Panem... though it definitely cost her a little bit of dignity.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence survive the Hot Ones pain gauntlet

So long as the heat level stayed low, Lawrence landed one bullseye after another while answering fast-paced questions about her acting career between bites. But things got interesting (and funny) when the Scoville units started to soar, with the Oscar winner eventually breaking out in tears, lapping water straight from a pitcher, and fanning her beet-red face in futility.

“Oh good heavens,” Lawrence squeaked after biting into one of the hottest birds of them all. “I’m dying!” Still, she stayed put, cry-talking her way through the sweatiest part of the interview while pausing intermittently to deal with the devilish pain. ”Nothing helps!” she chirped amid alternating sips of milk and water. “Is my face okay?!”

Jennifer Lawrence screams in pain on Hot Ones

Lawrence’s face was just fine, but her stomach — well, not so much. As she later confessed to host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live (also streaming on Peacock!), Lawrence raced upstairs to her room right after her Hot Ones segment (which was filmed at a hotel) and “passionately threw up after. Violently.

"I made it upstairs to my suite. My holding suite… My stomach gave me, like, eight minutes to get upstairs and then…,” said Lawrence, who concluded the thought by letting out a hilarious barf-y sound.

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While fending off the face-melting heat, Lawrence also managed to settle an old Hunger Games rumor, teasing costar Liam Hemsworth (who plays Gale Hawthorne in the films) to “get over it” for having to kiss her in a Mockingjay scene that, apparently, Lawrence showed up to with garlicky tuna breath. “It was not intentional,” she once-and-for-all explained. “It was just what I was eating, and then we kiss… Like, he should just get over it!”

If you can’t get over the wait ’til November for the theatrical debut of The Hunger Games’ next chapter, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Peacock’s the place to be to catch up on all the films in the series right now. Stream the original movie here, as well as sequels The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 — but by all means, please enjoy some hot wings whilst you watch.

Want even more Jennifer Lawrence on Peacock? Both Serena (2014) and The Burning Plain (2009) also are streaming right now on the bird app.