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'I See You' sneak peek: Evil blinds Helen Hunt’s family to a closetful of secrets

By Benjamin Bullard
Helen Hunt in I See You

Mid-movie plot twists and onion-like layers of mind-shattering revelations are the good stuff that makes the most intriguing psychological horror movies stand apart from the crowd. So get ready to rip your blindfolds off for next month's debut of I See You — a slow-burn thriller that's already drawn raves on this year's film-festival circuit.

A search for a missing boy launches a mystery that slowly peels the cover back on the long-repressed turmoil festering within the lead investigator’s family — and when an evil presence creeps into the house, what begins as a simple whodunnit turns into something far more sinister. That’s the setup for I See You, and SYFY has a creepy sneak peek ahead of the movie's arrival to theaters and digital.

When lead investigator Greg Harper (Scandal’s Jon Tenney) begins sensing that there’s something more than unresolved family drama going on between himself, his once-unfaithful wife Jackie (Oscar winner Helen Hunt), and their son Connor (Judah Lewis), his snooping instincts take over — but, as this clip ominously hints, there’s a catch:

Is Jackie blind to the malicious presence that’s hiding in the closet? Once the unwelcome evil manifests in their home, it puts Connor in mortal danger, while Jackie’s grip on reality begins to come apart at the seams. The new threat kicks up a chain reaction that eventually tears the veil off the cold, hard truth about the real evil that lurks within the Harper household. 

Directed by Adam Randall (iBoy) and written by Dexter actor Devon Graye, I See You wowed audiences when it unwrapped its puzzle-like plot at SXSW and the Edinburgh International Film Festival earlier this year. It arrives in theaters, digital, and on-demand on Dec. 6.

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