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SYFY WIRE It Chapter Two

It: Chapter Two stars' Instagrams invaded by those creepy red balloons

By Don Kaye
Stephen King's It Pennywise Bill Skarsgård

As we anxiously await the arrival of the first trailer for It: Chapter Two on Thursday (May 9), it appears that Pennywise is doing a little viral marketing of his own.

Pennywise, of course, is the terrifying clown who is the best-known manifestation of the ancient, evil entity known only as It, and the grinning, toothy figure has a trademark scare tactic in the creepy red balloons that usually portend his appearance.

Well, starting yesterday, photos uploaded on the Instagram accounts of It: Chapter Two's adult cast — the actors playing the grown-up versions of the first movie's Losers Club — began displaying some decidedly unwelcome additions. Here's Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh):

James McAvoy (Bill Denbrough):

James Ransone (Eddie Kaspbrak):

Isaiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon):

Andy Bean (Stan Uris):

Jay Ryan (Ben Hanscom):

You see it? Lurking somewhere in every photo is one of those dreaded red balloons...which cannot be good news for the Losers Club.

Directed once again by Andy Muschietti and based on Stephen King's epic novel, It: Chapter Two will pick up with the members of the Losers Club some 27 years after they defeated the title horror as children. Now they will have to return to the town of Derry, Maine and face It again, hopefully this time to destroy it once and for all.

It: Chapter Two also stars Bill Hader as Richie Tozier and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, while Jaeden Lieberher (Bill), Wyatt Oleff (Stan), Sophia Lillis (Beverly), Finn Wolfhard (Richie), Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben), Chosen Jacobs (Mike) and Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie) reprise their roles as the 12-year-old versions of the Losers.

So far the only footage revealed from the movie was a very quick peek at CinemaCon last month. The movie is set for release on Sept. 6, and in just two days we'll get our first look at that trailer...which will undoubtedly feature more of those ominous balloons.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)