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A new 'Superman' film, a 'Flash' sequel, James Gunn mystery projects and more in the works at DC

Matt Reeves is also planning more in The Batman universe. 

By Trent Moore & Vanessa Armstrong
Black Adam (2023)

The DC universe is going through a lot of upheaval, and while Batgirl has been permanently shelved, Warner Bros. seems keen to get some other projects in the pipeline with A-list characters and creators reportedly on tap. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn is pitching a DC movie (and possibly more than one) that he would tackle after he finishes working on the second season of Peacemaker. This appears to be different from the Amanda Waller spinoff series he's reportedly working on, though we don’t have details on what this movie or potential additional projects are about.

Gunn isn’t alone in wanting to work more on DC. Dwayne Johnson has also been busy working on a potential Black Adam vs Superman movie, a fight that Johnson has been teasing and teeing up for a while with his hopes for Black Adam's future, which premieres this Friday. That match-up would get likely get more traction at Warner Bros. Discovery if Black Adam does well at the box office, and the report notes the studio is now more open to having Henry Cavill return as Superman for a potential Man of Steel sequel (which could also double as the Black Adam face-off).

But, J.J. Abrams' unrelated Superman project that would focus on a Black version of Superman is also still in the works, too. So we could be inching closer to that DC multiverse.

With The Flash set to open June of next year (despite star Ezra Miller's legal troubles), a script for a potential sequel is reportedly already written, though who knows if the studio will stick with Miller in the role or potentially seek to recast Barry Allen if the sequel moves forward. A third Wonder Woman film from Patty Jenkins is also reportedly in the early stages of a script treatment, so there could finally be some news on Gal Gadot's return coming soon, as well.

But that's not all! Matt Reeves is also reportedly aiming to expand his separate universe of The Batman beyond the already green-lit sequel and the HBO Max series centered around Colin Farrell’s Penguin, with more shows and spinoffs reportedly focused on rogues from the Dark Knight's gallery, but all set within his gritty, grounded version of Gotham.

Despite the apparent chaos at Warner Bros. these days, it seems the studio's new leadership is well aware of the potential for DC projects. All of these different creatives striving to carve out their own space in the DC universe suggests that there are several possible DC universes we may see down the road. Which ones eventually make it to a screen near you, however, remains to be seen. 

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