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Conjuring collaborators James Wan and Gary Dauberman stake claim on Stephen King's Salem's Lot

By Christian Long
Gary Dauberman and Madison Iseman on the set of Annabelle Comes Home

Salem's Lot will soon be getting a visit from masters of modern-day horror.

The 1975 Stephen King vampire novel is getting a big-screen adaptation, courtesy of filmmakers James Wan and Gary Dauberman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dauberman will write the script and executive-produce, while Wan will produce alongside Roy Lee and Mark Wolper.

Together, Wan and Dauberman have collaborated on a number of films set in The Conjuring universe, including Annabelle and The Nun, both of which were penned by Dauberman. He also wrote the screenplays for It and It: Chapter Two, so he's clearly cracked the code when it comes to translating King's work to the big screen.

The story of Salem's Lot centers on a writer who, after returning to his hometown, realizes its residents are slowly being turned into vampires. He, along with a team of survivors, face an epic showdown in the town's abandoned mansion.

There's no director just yet, but Dauberman will be making his directorial debut with this summer's Annabelle Comes Home, so he could possibly be a contender. Wan most recently directed DC's smash hit Aquaman and will tackle its upcoming sequel, which is currently slated for December 2022. After directing the first two Conjuring installments, Wan announced that he'll be handing off the franchise to The Curse of La Llorona director Michael Chaves.

The film will also mark the first big-budget feature that Salem's Lot has inspired. Previously, David Soul starred in a 1979 TV miniseries and a 1984 sequel. In 2004, Rob Lowe starred in a TV movie produced by TNT.