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Jared Leto becomes Morbius in first image from set of Spider-Man spinoff

By Jacob Oller
morbius cover screenshot

Sony's next Spider-Man spinoff in the wake of Venom’s success is in full production, as fans got their first glimpse of the Morbius set today. Ok, it’s not much of a glimpse, but after all the casting news and dramatic shaving teases that’ve surrounded the Sony superhero film about a living vampire, anything remotely official will sate fans’ bloodlust.

The film stars Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, a man that basically becomes a supernatural bloodsucker though seemingly scientific means (a botched experimental treatment for a blood disease), and features a cast that includes Jared Harris, Adria Arjona, and (potentially) Matt Smith. Not much is known about the secretive addition to Sony’s cinematic universe, but at least now fans know that the film from director Daniel Espinoza and writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless is actually happening.

Leto posted a picture from filming on Twitter with the caption “1 week down...11 to go…” along with some vampire emojis and the hashtag #MORBIUS.

Check it out:

So yes, we can only see Leto’s eyes and hair. But at least the sleepy-eyed star is behind a clapper that actually confirms that Morbius is currently being shot. Perhaps the tool is even obscuring some of his vampiric transformation? That might be unlikely, since he looks pretty normal, as far as accidental vampires go, but his nose does get a bit of a tweak in the comics.

Fans will be able to find out themselves when Morbius hits theaters July 31, 2020.