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Jason Momoa Reveals the One Fast X Regret He Hopes to Fix in Sequel

The man has a pretty reasonable request regarding the final chapter.

By Josh Weiss
Fast X Trailer

There's no question the role of Dante Reyes in Fast X (now playing in theaters everywhere) presented Jason Momoa with the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Aquaman alum swings for the fences with a gleefully anarchic and flamboyant performance that breathes new life into the storied pantheon of villains who have graced the Fast & Furious series over the last two decades. But even with so much freedom to indulge the wildest of character quirks within the context of the penultimate chapter, Momoa still thinks there's room for improvement.

"My only one maybe like bummer of the whole thing is I didn't get to drive more, which is gonna change in the next one," the actor confessed during an interview with CinemaBlend. "That'll be my massive request, is going like, 'I would love to go to driving school.' I would love to go learn that stuff. I know how to ride motorcycles just from doing my own thing, and so I did 80% of the motorcycle stuff, which is great and I'm super happy that they trusted me to do it. And then the stunts that would jeopardize the whole picture, obviously a stunt man would take that over, but I really would love to drive more."

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As it stands, Dante currently appears behind the wheel (or handlebars) in four crucial sequences: the opening flashback to the climax of Fast Five, the mad dash to prevent the bomb from going off in Rome, the explosive drag race against Dom in Rio, and the final showdown in Portugal. The movie's massive schedule — coupled with the last-minute addition of Louis Leterrier as director — made it impossible for Momoa to do more of his own stunts.

"We did a lot," he continued. "And that goes down to like, to get the angles to get all the stuff, you know, it's hard and they had so much to shoot. So a lot of that stuff like is in studio, but I want to drive more, man. So next one, when we come back I was just like, 'I love it.' So I'm hoping in the next one I can do a lot more driving."

Universal Pictures has yet to announce a specific premiere date for Fast 11, though it's expected to bow sometime in 2025. Leterrier will return to direct the franchise swan song, working off a screenplay from Christina Hodson (The Flash) and Oren Uziel (The Cloverfield Paradox).

Fast X is now playing in theaters everywhere. Click here to pick up tickets for yourself and the whole family!