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SYFY WIRE Super Bowl 2020

Jason Momoa shows his true self in hilarious Super Bowl 2020 commercial

By Benjamin Bullard
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

So much for muscles. Jason Momoa, famous for playing every type of buff tough guy from Game of ThronesKhal Drogo to Arthur Curry in DC’s Aquaman, apparently has a whole other persona — and just like a superhero stepping out of costume, it’s the real one he lives in every day when he sheds all those phony muscles while kicking back and relaxing at home.

That’s the hilarious premise of Momoa’s starring turn in the commercial for lending company Rocket Mortgage, which aired during this year’s Super Bowl. Once the muscled one steps through his front door, all that mass starts coming off, piece by piece. Wait for the coup de grâce, when he removes his luscious mane of hair to reveal a bald patch that places the “real” Momoa — a guy whose looks fall somewhere in the territory between an aging, singer-songwriting hipster and Christian Bale's famously emaciated character in The Machinist.

Who knew Arthur Curry could go up against Black Manta onscreen, but can’t even bench a 45-lb. bar in his own bedroom? At least Lisa Bonet, Momoa’s real-life wife, is there to literally lend a solitary hand to save the day. Turns out, in fact, the bizarro-world version of Momoa is actually a super nerd, as his other Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl spot makes clear. 

Jason Momoa Comfortable Super Bowl Ad 2020 | Rocket Mortgage
If that's not enough, check out all the fun Momoa obviously had transforming into his skinnier self in the accompanying four-minute, behind-the-scenes clip that shows how the ad came together:

"Comfortable" Behind The Scenes w/ Jason Momoa | Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans
If witnessing Momoa bereft of all those abs and pecs is the kind of traumatic sight you can’t unsee, hey — at least there’s a perfect remedy. You can catch Momoa looking back in his familiar studly "disguise" right now in See, with all eight Season 1 episodes streaming now at Apple TV+.

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