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Jordan Peele Teases Mysterious Next Film Could End Up His "Favorite"

Jordan Peele is very excited to get to work on his next feature film, even if he won't tell us anything about it.

By Matthew Jackson

Jordan Peele has only released three genre movies as a director, but each new arrival is already treated like a major cinematic event. The mind behind Get OutUs, and Nope has managed to win over horror fans everywhere, and built a strong fanbase all his own along the way, so we all can't wait to see what he's come up with next. 

And to hear Peele tell it, he can't wait to show us. 

Speaking to Conan O'Brien on the Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast last month, Peele offered only the briefest of glimpses into what's in store for him next, but given the director's tendency to keep things secret, we'll take whatever we can get.

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Here's what Peele said about his next project as a director: “This has been… obviously, it’s been an interesting year because the writer’s strike had had me in a state of listening, and that’s where I need to be. ... I do feel like my next project is clear to me, and I’m psyched that I have another film that, you know, could be my favorite movie if I make it right.”

Writer/producer/director Jordan Peele on the set of Nope (2022)

In typical Peele fashion, we didn't get any plot details or even glimpses of themes in those remarks, but imagining Peele working through a script, building out ideas and characters and scenarios into something new and thinking it might be his favorite movie in his career so far? That's exciting. 

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The still-mysterious fourth feature film from Peele was originally set to arrive on Christmas Day of 2024, but like so many films with far-out release dates, it was hit with delays due to the writers and actors strikes, and has since been removed from Universal Pictures' release calendar, at least for now.

Hopefully we'll know more about the film soon, but we also know it's not the only thing Peele's working on. As a producer, he's also got another unnamed thriller in the works over at his Monkeypaw Productions banner, as well as a remake of Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs, to name just two. 

While we patiently await his next film, check out the Jordan Peele three-movie collection, featuring Get Out, Us, and Nope, now available from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.