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Colin Trevorrow on how Camp Cretaceous fits into the 'larger story' of Jurassic World in S2

By Josh Weiss
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Earlier today, Netflix confirmed that Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous had been renewed for a second season that will premiere sometime next year. During the show's New York Comic Con panel later in the day, executive producer Colin Trevorrow teased that the story moving forward will go off road now that the creative team doesn't have to rely on the first Jurassic World movie in terms of continuity and plot.

"[I told them,] 'Look, this is your show.' I think that in the first season that was true, but it was existing in the context of something else." And now with Season 2, it is there show. Where we're going forward belongs to all of these minds and that's very exciting to me," said the writer-director, who is currently in the U.K. shooting Jurassic World: Dominion. "Now, the show starts. Now, here we are and we know who these characters are and ... we don't have any idea what the timeline is. We don't know where this is going."

Trevorrow also stressed that Camp Cretaceous is "a part of the larger story we're telling, it's not just some extra thing that we did. It's something that we really care about it's part of our whole world." He added that the show's crew probably knows more about the plot of Dominion "than most people on the planet."

Trevorrow's fellow EP Scott Kreamer said that "things are infinitely worse" for our young heroes, who were left behind on Isla Nublar and now forced to fend for themselves. Since Fallen Kingdom is set three years after the events of the first film, there are potentially three more seasons to explore before Owen and Claire come back to the island. "There is something to consider, that there is that three years between the two films. There is a lot of freedom," Kreamer said. "[But] this isn't a show about where adults come and save kids. This is a show about kids alone and having no one to count on, but each other."

Watch the full panel below:

While Season 2 is venturing into uncharted territory, Season 1 was the result of a methodical breakdown of the first Jurassic World. Creator Zack Stentz admitted that he watched "Colin's movie like it was the Zapruder film" and came to realize that it set up "this wonderful, huge world and there was room for us to play in another corner of it that you didn't see in the movie."

Also executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Season 1 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is now streaming on Netflix. Earlier this week, production on Dominion shut down for two weeks after certain crew members tested positive for COVID-19. The threequel was ultimately delayed to 2022

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