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Watch Kit Harington live out Leslie Jones' Game of Thrones fantasy in SNL promo

By Matthew Jackson
Leslie Jones Kit Harington SNL promo

We still have one more weekend to go before Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season on HBO, but that doesn't mean we'll be completely free of new Westeros content, especially on Saturday night. 

To promote the upcoming final season of the series that made him a star, Kit Harington — who plays Jon Snow, one of Thrones' most important characters — will host Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend, and the show isn't shy about just how much fun they're going to have with the King in the North.

The official SNL YouTube channel on Wednesday released a promo for Harington's episode, co-starring Game of Thrones superfan Leslie Jones, and it's basically one long, low-budget recap of the last couple of seasons. Dressed in a number of costumes and making her own enthusiastic sound effects, Jones recreates everything from the battle at Hardhome to the fall of the Wall, and then she brings in Harington to play Jon Snow to her Daenerys Targaryen. 

When Harington — who in the world of this promo, was pulled into this wild fantasy right from the SNL reception area — asks when he's actually going to get to work on the show, Jones decides to offer up some punishment in the form of a walk of shame. 

We can expect even more Game of Thrones-inspired shenanigans when Saturday Night Live airs live coast-to-coast this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. EST. 

Plus, we have even more Game of Thrones goodness to share, this time courtesy of HBO, which has dropped a new poster for the upcoming final season.

As with the recent "Aftermath" teaser that shows us a desolate Winterfell, this poster is very much a prediction of what will happen if the Night King wins, accompanied by the tagline "The great war was here." Jon Snow has been predicting for a while now that anyone who's still squabbling over the Iron Throne while the army of the dead is still out there will only be ruling over a wasteland, and this poster depicts that very thing. We still have no idea how this fight will turn out, but HBO's marketing is not making it look good for our heroes. 

Game of Thrones returns April 14 on HBO.