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SYFY WIRE Twin Peaks

Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amick host Twin Peaks watch party filled with fun facts & fine coffee

By James Comtois
Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) from Twin Peaks, courtesy of ABC

“She’s dead…wrapped in plastic.”

Believe it or not, it’s been 30 years to the day since audiences first heard Pete Martell (Jack Nance) utter those words after discovering the body of Laura Palmer, and 30 years since viewers were first introduced to the bizarre, nightmarish, and wonderful world of Twin Peaks.

To honor that milestone, stars Kyle “I Am the FBI!” MacLachlan and Madchen “It’s Happy Hour in France!” Amick hosted a communal viewing of the pilot episode of the highly influential series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, which debuted April 8, 1990. On Wednesday, the pair live-tweeted the communal viewing through the hashtags #TwinPeaksWatchParty and #TwinPeaks30.

During the live-tweet, MacLachlan and Amick answered a slew of fan questions, and posted some fun facts about shooting the game-changing episode. 

Here are some highlights…

On working with director Lynch…

When Dana Ashbrook’s Bobby Briggs confessed “I loved her!” to the cops about Laura, Amick, who played the woman Bobby was seeing on the side, seemed shocked by this declaration…

The thing is, Cooper knew, aaaaaaand…

Of course, Bobby himself had to clarify…

Both actors took a moment to acknowledge their late co-stars Peggy Lipton, who passed away last year

…and Catherine Coulson, who died in 2015

MacLachlan also (FINALLY) answered a question that fans have been asking for decades (seriously it’s about time)…

Even SYFY WIRE’s Fangrrls got some love from Amick!

(She’s right, you know. It’s never too early.) 

After the communal viewing of the episode, McLachlan and Amick moved over from Twitter to Instagram to briefly field even more fan questions. During this Q&A, Amick admitted that she was overwhelmed with emotion when filming Twin Peaks: The Return.

“I cried my way through the filming of the return,” Amick said. “I was so touched the moment I put the waitress uniform back on, and [when the costume designer] showed me the apron with my original initials on…it was very moving.” 

She added that her crying actually caused Lynch to cry. Yes, returning for The Return was clearly an emotional experience for everyone involved. As was returning to rewatch the pilot, which Amick admitted she hadn’t seen in about a decade…

And oh, yeah: Go Grandma!

For even more celebratory Twin Peaks anniversary fare, grab some damn fine coffee and check out our oral history with Dana Ashbrook (Bobby), Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk), and writer/producer Harley Peyton.