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Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers dig into the huge finale in final 'Game of Jones'

By Matthew Jackson
Game of Jones finale

Game of Thrones ended on Sunday after eight epic seasons, but that doesn't mean discussion of the series finale is over. Fans everywhere are still debating its merits and drawbacks even as other fans have already moved on to the next show. For a certain duo of fans, though, Game of Thrones couldn't really be over until they watched it together one last time, which brings us to Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones

Jones is one of Game of Thrones' most visible fans, and her live tweets of individual episodes are the stuff of legend among various fans, including her friend Meyers, who just happens to have a talk show where he can devote an entire segment to sitting down and watching the show with her. Three years ago we got the first "Game of Jones" as they watching the "Battle of the Bastards" together. They reunited again in Season 7 with a little help from Lord Varys (Conleth Hill) and then returned again for the Season 8 premiere. 

For a while it seemed like that would be it for "Game of Jones," which features Meyers and Jones spouting comedic commentary while eating snacks in front of the television, but Meyers revealed earlier this week that the pair did indeed record one last episode, which aired Thursday night, in which they watched the series finale. If you'd like another opportunity to have a laugh over the final season, then prepare yourself, because Jones and Meyers held nothing back. 

Right out of the gate, Jones is filling in the episode's long, sad silences with songs, comparing wounded people shuffling through King's Landing to people coming back from Vegas after a bad weekend at the tables, and of course unleashing her signature dragon roar for Drogon's final scene. Meyers, for his part, jokes that some people in King's Landing are heartbroken because they'd just bought their first house after years of renting, and that Sam's idea for democracy won't work because the country is "ripe for voter fraud." 

Oh, and as for the way everything wrapped up, Jones had a simple response to fans who were unhappy. 

“I think that they need to take a big glass of grow the f*ck up, because Game of Thrones is not real," she said.

Watch the whole segment above, and try to remain strong as you realize that we didn't just lose Game of Thrones forever this week. We lost "Game of Jones" too.