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Krypton's Lobo is getting his own spinoff series on SYFY

By Josh Weiss
Lobo in the comics

Put on those biker boots and that sweet leather vest, because Lobo is here to stay!

SYFY announced today that the network, along with Warner Horizon Scripted Television, is developing a show around the character ahead of his debut on Season 2 of Krypton, which premieres tonight. Emmett J. Scanlan, who will play him this season, has been confirmed to reprise the role in the spinoff program.

Krypton executive producer/writer Cameron Welsh will also produce and write for the Lobo spinoff series, which will put the "foul-mouthed, dangerous, irascible, intergalactic bounty hunter" front and center, according to an announcement.

“Lobo on the page is such a broad character, and the tone of our show is so grounded, so it feels like a bit of a mismatch, but that's kind of what's exciting about it as well," Welsh told SYFY WIRE last summer at San Diego Comic-Con. "He's not going to ride around on space dolphins like he did in the comics, but he's meant to feel like a contrast to everything else we've seen.”

Lobo by Keith Giffen & Alan Grant Vol. 1

Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen in the early '80s, Lobo is like a member of Hell's Angels on bath salts. Ruthless, bloodthirsty, egotistical, and a cosmic porpoise connoisseur, he started out as a clear-cut villain before transitioning into more of an antihero. Despite his appetite for destruction, Lobo, a popular staple in the comics, still adheres to his own strict, albeit misshapen, moral code.

Make sure to keep checking back with SYFY WIRE for the latest updates on the show. Krypton's second season debuts tonight on SYFY at 10 p.m. EST.