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Loki gains new mystic powers in Marvel's The Avengers: Loki Unleashed one-shot

By Jeff Spry
Loki Hero

Loki is the consummate trickster and his unpredictable nature and unstable alliances always provide for some endearing hijinks and entertaining antics.

Showcasing the wily horned helion for part of the House of Ideas' 80th anniversary salute this year, Marvel Comics is honoring the legacy of classic Avengers writer Roger Stern and Infinity War's extraordinary artist Ron Lim in a riveting Loki one-shot arriving Sept. 25 — and SYFY WIRE has a playful peek at the premiere issue.

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Set during the turbulent events of Stern's epic Avengers run, The Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1 unfurls in the aftermath of the Siege of Avengers Mansion with Earth's Mightiest Heroes bruised and battered. This is a most inopportune time for the scheming Loki to discover a new mine of powerful mystic energies – one that forges a direct connection to another classic Marvel villain which will have dangerous consequences for the nature of all reality, unless the valiant Avengers can regroup and intercede to stop the calamity.

Lim Variant

Veteran artist Ron Lim embraces the more nefarious side of the God of Mischief in this solo title, and immerses himself back into his signature style, beautifully rendering many of Marvel's most recognizable heroes in the process. 

The events in this action-stuffed one-off occur in the post-timeline world of Avengers #273-277 from 1986-87, also written by Stern, where Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil orchestrated an attack on the Avengers' 5th Avenue headquarters to devastating effect.

Loki Slice 1

"Working on Avengers: Loki Unleashed was a blast," Lim tells SYFY WIRE. "I hadn’t drawn an Avengers story in quite some time, so I was thrilled to be able to pencil this story. I’m a big fan of Roger’s run of Avengers, so that was another big plus! I love Loki. Always trying to manipulate everyone around him. I’ve drawn Loki a few times, but never this version of him. That was quite a bit of fun!"

Loki Slice 2

"Working with Roger was a true pleasure," he adds. "It’s funny, we have both been in comics for a while, but we never worked together. When our editor Tom Brevoort offered me this story, I jumped at it. I think the readers will enjoy this one-shot – it has a little bit of everything: Avengers, Loki, Dr. Strange (is that a spoiler?), giant bats and more! Hope they enjoy reading it!"

Now enjoy our exclusive preview of Marvel's The Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1 in the full gallery below, with the unhappy Asgardian staring into his hypnotic scrying crystal in search of new sources of infinite power to heighten his god-like abilities to rule over all.