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Loki trailer introduces Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius…and he’s taking no mischief

By Benjamin Bullard
Agent Mobius and Loki

Marvel shined a big spotlight on some of its biggest upcoming projects at Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, though Thor’s god-of-mischief little brother probably wishes he weren’t wearing prisoner’s garb for such a big occasion. On the heels of an action-packed preview of the upcoming Black Widow, Marvel rolled out a new trailer for Loki — and it looks like Tom Hiddleston's trickster hasn't learned his lesson yet.

Hiddleston turned up to introduce the newest Loki trailer, which gave fans a lengthy look at Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius in the soon-to-debut series at Disney+. Whatever trickery Loki’s been up to, it’s landed him in handcuffs — and in the custody of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). As Agent Mobius points out (and to Loki’s surprise), time isn’t necessarily bending to anyone’s will — not even an Asgardian’s — deep down in the bowels of TVA headquarters.

Check it out:

“Time passes differently in the TVA,” Mobius casually drawls, unperturbed as Loki fumes over how how superior he’s meant to be when compared with humanity’s petty priorities. Hey, when your track record includes letting Thanos manipulate you into trying to take over the world, sometimes the world has a trick or two of its own waiting in the wings.

Secure your tesseracts and strap in for Marvel’s newest original series, when Loki mischevously expands the MCU with its June 9 streaming debut at Disney+.