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SYFY WIRE Love, Death & Robots

Prepare for more strange futures in the trailer for Volume 2 of Netflix's 'Love, Death & Robots'

By Matthew Jackson

The animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots was one of the most surprising and thrilling new genre projects of 2019, combining incredible animation with an all-star voice cast and a commitment to telling a broad range of stories from a broad range of creative teams. The show went on to garner massive critical acclaim, two Creative Arts Emmys, and four Annie Awards. Now, two years later, a second volume of tales is here, and the first trailer makes it all look just as ambitious as the first batch of stories. 

We still know very little about the individual stories contained in "Volume 2" of the genre series created by Tim Miller (Deadpool), but we know we can expect big ideas, dazzling visuals, and challenging narratives that will hopefully expand our horizons of sci-fi storytelling. The first trailer for Volume 2, released early Monday by Netflix, hammers that sense of challenging, expansive narratives home with what ultimately amounts to a gorgeous montage of what's to come, from well-dressed people exploring a gleaming city to kids sneaking out on Christmas morning to a robot with a very mundane and very dirty job. The teaser description from Netflix promises Volume 2 will give us "Naked giants, Christmas demons, and robots-gone-wild," and we get all of that and more here. Check it out:

Speaking to IGN in conjunction with the trailer launch Monday, Miller confirmed that the eight-episode second volume will be followed by an already ordered third volume of stories in 2022, and said that his team is happy to keep churning new stories out as long as Netflix will let them.

“Why would we stop doing this as long as they let us continue to do it?” Miller asked. “I love animation, and I love animators. They're just kind of a unique breed. It’s a real honor to be able to, as [Volume 2 supervising director Jennifer Yuh Nelson] said, bring these people the project that they never thought they would get. It's really like a Santa Claus sort of moment in the best possible way.”

Love, Death & Robots returns May 14 on Netflix.