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SYFY WIRE Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country showrunner teases Season 2 plan for canceled, Emmy-nominated HBO series

By Nivea Serrao
Lovecraft Country Still

Lovecraft Country may be cancelled, but following the announcement that the critically-acclaimed HBO series has received a whopping 14 Emmy nominations, showrunner Misha Green teased what could have been had the show returned for a second season.

"Just going to leave this here," the writer of the Tomb Raider sequel tweeted on Tuesday, also sharing an image of a document that reveals that not only would Season 2 have brought back both its Season 1 leads — Atticus "Tic" Freeman. and Letitia "Leti" Lewis (played by Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett, respectively) — but that there were also plans for a third season "and beyond."

The first season of the short-lived series was based on Matt Ruff's novel of the same name. It followed Tic, his childhood friend Leti, and his Uncle George as they travelled across the country in search of his father, while also battling a whole array of monsters (both Lovecraftian and human) and attempting to stop the general rise of evil. Based on what Green had shared in an even earlier tweet, Season 2 would have stepped away from the book and built on the underlying themes of Season 1 while continuing to centre the stories of people of color, especially in a genre that doesn't offer feature them.

"[It] begins in a new world, and that new world is a country that sits where The United States used to sit," read the page of the Season 2 bible that Green included with her tweet. It also included a map of the United States, though it's since been dubbed the "Sovereign States of America," and split into four color-coded territories: the New Negro Republic, the Tribal Nations of the West, the Jefferson Commonwealth, and the Whitelands. What's more, two locations, one in Texas and the other in Pennsylvania are also marked, no doubt highlighting their significance — not unlike how Arkham, Massachusetts had been a pivotal location in Season 1. 

Misha Green

Furthermore, Green's latest tease also includes references to a "new generation" that would have followed the older one consisting of Tic and Leti. Two of these members are Diana "Dee" Freeman and George Freeman. Given the events of Season 1, this could have been Tic and Leti's children, or even Tic's cousin Diana. The season would have also featured two possible Native American characters — Wil Sapa "Black Moon" and Xochimitl "Flowered Arrow" — in a potential attempt at trying to address one of the major criticisms of the previous season

Since its premiere, Lovecraft Country has been nominated for a total of 71 awards (with 6 wins), including a Golden Globe nomination for best drama series. Its Emmy nods include nominations for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (for Green herself), Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. In fact, the show has already made history with the latter as Majors and Smollett's nominations mark the first time a Black actor and actress from the same show have been nominated in both those categories. 

Despite that success — and continued acclaim — HBO pulled the plug on the show after one season.

The cast of Lovecraft Country includes Michael Kenneth Williams as Montrose Freeman, Aunjanue Ellis as Hippolyta Freeman, and Loki's Wunmi Mosaku as Ruby Baptiste. 

You can watch all 10 episodes of Lovecraft Country on HBO Max.