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Lucifer may not be as condemned as we thought as Netflix in talks for sixth season

By James Comtois
Lucifer season 4

It's starting to look like Lucifer fans might get what they truly desire after all. Namely: another season of the hit Netflix series, which jumped over from Fox a couple of years ago.

Netflix has looked into its subscribers’ eyes and discovered that what they truly want is more Lucifer, as a new report claims its upcoming fifth season may not be its last after all. Deadline has confirmed an exclusive report from TVLine that the streaming giant is in talks with Warner Bros. TV about doing another season. So the saying “evil never dies” appears to be true, especially if it’s so damned charming and featured in a compulsively watchable series — and portrayed by Tom Ellis.

Lucifer seems to continue to evade eternal hellfire. The series started out on Fox in 2015, then was canceled after three seasons. But Netflix scooped up the condemned series for a fourth season. And now, after it was announced that its fifth season would be its last, fans are given a reason not to abandon all hope. Regardless of how discussions between Netflix and the show’s producers turn out, we’re still getting more episodes than expected with Season 5.

Lucifer has become one of Netflix’s longest-running original series, with its current count of 77 episodes (though the first few seasons originally ran on Fox, of course) beating out House of Cards’ 73. (With 91 episodes, Orange Is the New Black still reigns supreme.) It’s also among the streaming platform’s most-watched original series as well. After debuting its fourth season on Netflix, the series ranked first on Parrot Analytics’ most-watched digital originals for the week ending May 11, beating out Stranger Things.

And let’s not forget that the character got some additional buzz after that delightfully wicked cameo in The CW’s recent Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. So, hey. It looks like you truly can’t keep a good man down. And by “good,” we mean “evil.” And by “man,” we mean “Satan.”

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