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WIRE Buzz: Lucifer writers wrap; Peter Sarsgaard on The Batman's tone; Monster Mash musical

By Jacob Oller
Lucifer Tom Ellis

Lucifer, the devilish show so beloved by its fanbase that it got a bountiful, sexy afterlife on Netflix after its initial cancellation by Fox, is quickly approaching the end times. Not apocalyptically, just for the production of the show. After five steamy seasons, the most ab-centric show in the tangential Arrowverse will finally find otherworldly peace.

But it’s still sad to see, even with the outpouring of affection toward cast and crew that the DC Comics-adjacent series has garnered heading toward its finale. And today, the writers finalized their scripts for the last time.

Posting on Twitter, writer D.B. Woodside memorialized the last full day of work for the show's writers' room:

The sentiment was soon echoed by showrunner Ildy Modrovich, cast members like Lesley-Ann Brandt, and many, many Lucifans:

Lucifer’s two-part final season will likely debut at least one of its halves later this year.

Next, the mysterious The Batman movie coming down the pike from writer/director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson has a lot of major cast members and iconic characters, but one of its more intriguing aspects is its brand-new district attorney, played by Peter Sarsgaard. After many thought the character would be Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, it was revealed that the actor would actually be playing a man named Gil Colson.

Who? Exactly. He’s a new creation, without a basis in the comics, that Sarsgaard recently took questions about from Sirius XM's Jessica Shaw — though the insight he provides mostly relates to the film’s tone.

Take a look:

Calling The Batman “so raw,” with storytelling that’s “not sanitized,” the actor praises the vision of Reeves while playing coy on who his character actually is. Is he really Dent in disguise? Or a new name for the Two-Face-to-be a la Joker’s Arthur Fleck? Sarsgaard isn’t telling. But the actor’s pleasure with the role and the set in general bodes well for the film, which recently began production in London.

The Batman will swoop its early-days Bruce Wayne story into theaters on June 25, 2021.

Finally, a new Universal monster movie will have fans dancing in the aisles. The newest film from the studio behind all those classic monster movies (and the upcoming remix of The Invisible Man) promises to be a graveyard smash.

According to Deadline, Matt Stawski will helm an original horror/musical titled Monster Mash, written by Will Widger (Lumberjanes). This would be the Grammy-nominated Stawski's feature debut after helming plenty of music videos for the likes of CeeLo Green and Fall Out Boy.

While plot details are still secretive, the namecheck to the famous novelty song by Bobby Pickett already checks a few boxes for fans of Rocky Horror and the like. In fact, the song's lyrics include so much story that it wouldn't be hard to adapt them into a full-fledged narrative — with Universal icons like the Wolfman, Igor, Count Dracula, and the son of Dracula all making appearances — though there is no indication that the film is indeed an adapation, or anything more than a cutesy reference.

No timeline has yet been announced for the film.