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'M3GAN' goes goth as newest Marc Jacobs fashion model

Girl, you are so gonna slay in those threads.

By Benjamin Bullard
M3GAN (2023)

All the signs were there, so we should have seen it coming. Already adored as an internet icon of style, sass, and dispatching detractors with bloody panache, the titular synthetic star of horror smash M3GAN is officially cutting a path into the fashion industry.

None other than sartorial rockstar Marc Jacobs has recruited the tiny terror as the newest youth-trending face to embrace the dark, doomy edge of the company’s Heaven by Marc Jacobs clothing line. Done with dancing, dainty neck bows, and dapper peacoats for now, our almost-real anti-hero looks to die for in the brand’s Instagram post below as she sports a Heaven-bespoke Deftones hoodie, adorned (rather fittingly) with a stylized take on the ominous skull that graces the band’s eponymous 2003 album.

Check out M3GAN modeling Heaven by Marc Jacobs:

No one takes on M3GAN without bringing their A game, and Heaven did just that, reportedly (via The Cut) recruiting haute photographer Harley Weir to capture the pint-sized slasher’s pensive brooding side. Spotlit in red, heavy on the mascara, and looking full Manson with a pair of platform combat kicks, it’s an arresting new vibe for a killer who so far has done her bloody on-screen business in more slasher-ly attire.

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Then again, who are we kidding? M3GAN was all but born (or at least fabricated in a tech lab) to totally rock the goth-glam look. No one’s saying she’s committed to monogamously stick with the whole devil-music style thing, though M3GAN’s doubtlessly already thinking about her next fashion moves; with a sequel on the way for this year’s Gerard Johnstone-directed horror hit, there’s bound to be a fresh tweak or two on the formula that made the first film such a stabby sensation in the first place.

Not that she needs the added notoriety, but her Heaven modeling gig puts M3GAN in some pretty rarified celebrity company. Icons of fashion eras old and new have been spied in the brand’s eye-grabbing advertising, which lately has featured an eclectic fame parade that includes Pamela Anderson, Kyle MacLachlan, Tara Reid, Michael Imperioli, Charli XCX, Selma Blair, Doja Cat, Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, and more.

That’s another way of saying that all those people are perhaps as famous as M3GAN, though we have a sneaky feeling that the new girl on the block is only just getting started down her own sartorial star path. Written by Akela Cooper, produced by Jason Blum and James Wan, M3GAN stars Amie Donald (M3GAN), Jenna Davis (the voice of M3GAN), Allison Williams (Gemma), and Violet McGraw (Cady).

M3GAN is streaming now on Peacock in both its theatrical and unrated versions.