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Get those AI-inspired dance moves ready, cause the 'M3GAN' soundtrack is dropping on vinyl

If this doesn't get you doing the wacky little M3GAN dance, we don't know what will.

By Gina Salamone
M3gan (2023) PRESS

This news will be music to the ears of M3GAN fans. The soundtrack for the hit horror film from Universal Pictures will arrive on vinyl in June and is available for pre-order now, featuring the score across two colorful albums and some artsy extras. If this doesn't get you doing the wacky little dance the AI doll M3GAN does while she's in the middle of a killing spree, we don't know what will.

M3GAN, which hit theaters in January, centers on Gemma (Allison Williams), who has a job making high-tech robotic toys, and her young niece Cady (Violet McGraw), who lost her parents in a car crash and goes to live with her aunt. Gemma isn't quite the motherly type and she has a busy schedule with her job, so she sets Cady up with M3GAN, a humanoid robot doll she's been working on, to be her companion. Problem is, Cady and M3GAN become a little too bonded, with M3GAN eventually looking to take out anyone she perceives as a threat to the girl.

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The creepy and sometimes humorous kills are set to a soundtrack by London-raised Anthony Willis, who also wrote the score for Promising Young Womana soundtrack that got the composer a BAFTA nomination for Best Original Score. The M3GAN Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, from Waxwork Records, is being sold for $40 (plus shipping and taxes).

The album features new artwork from Susi Vilchez, with Disc 1 boasting a pink and white "swirl" tie-dye look with a center image of M3GAN surrounded by a bunch of stuffed animals, and Disc 2 featuring a blue and white swirl and a center image of six different M3GAN dolls in different dance poses. The packaging includes "heavyweight gatefold jackets with matte satin coating and an art print," according to the Waxwork Records description. A booklet also comes with the soundtrack.

M3GAN has already earned more than $172 million worldwide and was a hit with critics, prompting a sequel to be ordered up, with Williams and McGraw reportedly returning, along with screenwriter Akela Cooper. While the version of the film released in theaters was rated PG-13, an unrated version has since booted up, and can be streamed, along with the more kid-friendly version, on Peacock. The unrated version fits in more gore, and a lot more F-bombs.

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