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The Mandalorian is spawning a whole new galaxy of Star Wars books & comics

By Benjamin Bullard
Cover detail of Art of The Mandalorian book

In a larger Star Wars universe that’s certainly not starved for both defenders and critics of one movie or another, there’s something about The Mandalorian that’s united just about everyone, achieving the closest thing we’ve seen in a while to a true fan consensus. Season 1 of Din Djarin’s space western exploits (alongside his unlikely sidekick, The Child, aka Baby Yoda) has been a huge hit for Disney+, so it’s not surprising — but still really cool — that Disney and Lucasfilm are announcing a deeper dive into The Mandalorian’s backstory with a full publishing line of comics and books.

Just revealed at the official Star Wars website, the new publishing program will adapt the TV series’ setting for an upcoming all-ages line of printed material that includes an art book, an original novel, a DK visual guide, two separate “Mandalorian-inspired” comic book lines from Marvel and IDW Publishing, and much more.

Take a look at the cover for The Art of The Mandalorian (Season One), written by Star Wars veteran Phil Szostak and illustrated by Lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang, the TV series’ art director:

Art of The Mandalorian book cover

In addition to the comics and books, Lucasfilm also teased a huge lineup of Mandalorian-themed publications that really do run the all-ages gamut. “[M]agazine, novelty, and coloring and activity titles are on the way from Titan, Studio Fun, Crayola, Thunder Bay Press, Disney Publishing Worldwide, and Dreamtivity,” the website teases, adding that “Younger bounty hunters can look forward to a Little Golden Book and a Screen Comix retelling of Season One.”

In terms of plot lines, there’s little to go on at this point — though series fans will have no trouble taking some early visual cues from Din Djarin, The Child, and the looming Razor Crest in the background of the above teaser image. The publishing rollout begins this fall, with CBR reporting a Dec. 15 release for The Art of The Mandalorian (Season One), and an undated December release for The Mandalorian: Original Novel by Adam Christopher.

If that’s not enough Mandalorian to melt your Beskar armor, there’s also the series itself: Season 2 of The Mandalorian is already counting down for its October premiere date at Disney+.