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Mark Ruffalo says there have been 'preliminary' talks for Bruce Banner to join She-Hulk

By Josh Weiss
Hulk Mark Ruffalo

You won't like them when they're angry... During an appearance at C2E2 over the weekend, Mark Ruffalo revealed there have been early discussions about the MCU's Bruce Banner (now Professor Hulk) joining the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+.

“There’s some talk about it, but it’s all kind of preliminary," said the actor in response to a question from the audience. "It would be nice to see Banner, Hulk, Professor [or] somebody show up to help and to guide or a be a gentle guiding presence of She-Hulk as a friend."

When presented with a statement that it would make sense for Banner to appear on the show since he and Jessica Walters are cousins in the comics (and since Bruce gave Jessica her Gamma powers via a blood transfusion), Ruffalo responded with: “I would think so, yeah. But I don’t have much control over that.”

Right now, Marvel has yet to announce who will be playing the series' titular character. Alison Brie (Community, GLOW, Horse Girl) is a favorite among fans, but the actress recently debunked prevalent rumors about her being cast. The entire project has to yet to even announce a showrunner.

In November of last year, Kevin Feige promised that all streaming shows set within the MCU would eventually hit the Marvel Studios films being released in theaters. So even if Bruce and Jessica don't cross paths on the small screen, they can certainly meet on the big one.


When asked a hypothetical question about Banner receiving his own streaming series, Ruffalo voiced his support for seeing the character go on the run again.

"I'd probably start him on the run again, a little bit. I think that really works," he said. "In this new digital age, where we're all being surveilled, that might really be kind of an interesting dimension to how he stays on the run in that way. That's probably where it would start, him deciding, 'I don't wanna do this anymore.' But it's hard now because he's the Professor. He's hard to hide."

As for his official Marvel future, the actor will voice Banner in the What If...? animated anthology, which debuts on Disney+ next summer.