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The MCU finally welcomes the X-Men, at least in the world of action figures

By Jacob Oller
Wolverine Marvel Legends

In the wake of the Disney-Fox merger, one of the major points of impact for the genre world (and the film industry in general, seeing as Marvel Cinematic Universe films are always a healthy percentage of the Disney-dominated box office) was the addition of the Fox-owned Marvel superheroes into the MCU. The X-Men. The Fantastic Four. Now that Disney owns Fox's film business, that means it's time for a grand reunion for the comic heroes...but it'll take a while for all that to manifest on screen. Stories need to be written, films need to be greenlit, and iconic actors (Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, for example) need to be recast for the MCU. But there's one place where the merger has already brought everyone together: the world of action figures.

For the first time, Marvel-branded toys with the film likeness of the Fox X-Men (like Jackman's Wolverine, Josh Brolin's Cable, and James McAvoy's Professor X) are appearing alongside The Avengers that film fans know so well. As revealed at the New York Toy Fair, these toys represent the physical manifestation of a corporate acquisition that will soon impact the biggest film franchise in the world. Disney's impact is already bringing the traditional X-Men franchise together with Deadpool, which poked fun at its own limited roster of mutants.

SYFY WIRE was on the ground documenting the new toys. Take a look:

These toys join the roster of Marvel Legends, a Hasbro toy line that's previously tied into The Avengers video game and various comic lines alongside the MCU films. Now, the Deadpool and X-Men characters have joined the fun. Those two groups (Deadpool, Domino, Cable; Professor X, Magneto, Mystique) don't have official product descriptions immediately available, but the Wolverine figure's Hasbro information directly cites the X-Men films as its inspiration. That latter figure is an Amazon exclusive that comes out this Fall at a $24.99 price point.

But that seasonal date doesn't mean much. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige promised at last year's San Diego Comic-Con that the newly acquired characters would be blended into the shared universe, but there still hasn't been an announcement of when that'll take place. With the MCU so precisely modeled out by the architect Feige, this step might not be overly indicative of coming plans — but it's certainly a sign that the slow corporate cogs are churning as these characters are slowly swallowed up into the Disney machine.

Additional reporting by Alexis Loinaz.