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NYCC: The Marvel Hero Project brings real life heroes into the spotlight

By Donnie Lederer

When Disney+ launches on November 12, an extraordinary documentary will debut with it. The Marvel Hero Project is a new, unscripted series. It aims to show everyone that you don't need a technologically advanced suit of armor or a magic hammer to be a superhero. The show will focus on the differences several real-life youngsters are making in their communities. The new show held a panel at New York Comic Con 2019, and SYFY WIRE was there.

Moderated by This Week in Marvel's Lorraine Cink, the panel consisted of executive producers Sarah Amos and Sana Amanat. Joining them was VP of Creative and Content Development at Marvel Entertainment Stephen Wacker.

Amos gave a basic rundown of the show, which will focus on 20 kids from across the country and their inspiring stories, "These kids take on issues from the environment to homelessness to having disabilities. We focus on their journey and surprise them at the end by presenting them with their comic book, putting them into the Marvel Universe." She also added that after each episode, you could read the comic on Marvel's website, as well as Marvel Unlimited.

Amanat continued about the importance of these kids' journeys, "It's all about kids in the real world who are changing their communities for the better. We bring them into the Marvel Universe and make them the superheroes they already are." Wacker added, "These kids are already heroes. This show helps show this to the entire world."

Wacker continued as to why Marvel was the perfect stage for a project like this: "To me, the definition of a Marvel hero is when given a choice between selfishness and selflessness, the hero chooses selflessness every time." Amos added, "We have 80 years of incredible stories we've been telling. There's also 80 years of everyday people reading them. It's the first of many projects to bring Marvel into more aspects of everyday life."

To the delight of the audience, the first episode was shown, spotlighting Jordan Reeves, creator of the Unicorn Project. It is her goal to help people with disabilities learn to design, so they can help change the world, for everyone, regardless of who you are (spoiler: you will shed more than one tear).

Following the episode, Jordan came on stage to talk about her experience. "I was amazed someone saw what I was doing and thought it was cool," she said. When asked what she thinks makes a hero, her answer was short and sweet: "It's making an effort to do something in the world, and make a change. That's all that matters."

The Marvel Hero Project debuts on Nov. 12, with the launch of Disney+.

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