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Missing Resident Alien? Here's 6 Shows to Watch After Season 3

Resident Alien's on a break, but there are plenty of other wild and weird genre shows out there.

By Matthew Jackson

Another season of Resident Alien has come and gone, with the Season 3 finale leaving plenty of cliffhangers about what might be coming next for Harry (Alan Tudyk) and his friends (and enemies).

How to Watch

Watch Resident Alien on SYFY and Peacock.

That means that, if you're Resident Alien devotee, you might be on the hunt for something else to watch in the meantime. Fortunately for you, Peacock is home to plenty of shows that play like Harry's adventures in one way or another, so if you're trying to get that Resident Alien feeling back, check these series out right now.

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6 Shows to Watch Next if You're Missing Resident Alien


Farscape GETTY

If you're looking for a SYFY classic to balance out a modern SYFY hit, look no further than Farscape, Rockne S. O'Bannon's beloved, and delightfully strange, sci-fi adventure show which turns 25 this year. Set on board a sentient spaceship called Moya, the show follows a band of interstellar misfits as they flee for their freedom while facing down militarized forces who'd like to hunt them down (sound like anyone we know?). There's lots to love about this show, but arguably the best part is how it flips the script on a fish out of water story. Instead of one strange alien in a sea of humans, we get a show about one strange human in a sea of aliens, and it's both fascinating and fun.

Watch it now on Peacock!

Being Human

One of the best parts of Resident Alien is, of course, how Harry navigates the double life he must lead as an alien who's also, to just about everyone around him, a simple mountain town doctor. If you like that element of the story, Being Human is for you. To everyone else in the world of the show, it's a story about three roommates who just have to exist like regular humans. To the main characters –– who just happen to be a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost –– it's a story of helping each other stay hidden in a world that might be hostile to them. Plus, it's yet another SYFY original, based on the BBC hit of the same name.

Watch it now on Peacock!

Wolf Like Me

Hey, speaking of stories about double lives, there's Wolf Like Me, a Peacock original comedy-horror series about an everyday man (Josh Gad) who falls in love with a woman (Isla Fisher) who just happens to be a werewolf. What starts as a series of strange interactions soon blossoms into something deeper, with all the complications dating a werewolf might bestow on you. If you love Harry's strange bonds with the humans he calls friends and even chosen family, you'll want to watch this show.

Watch it now on Peacock!

Poker Face

One of the most acclaimed series of the last two years, Rian Johnson's Poker Face does not involve aliens (at least, not that we know of), but if you loved the murder mystery that kicked off the first season of Resident Alien, you'll want to check this show out. Every episode follows an amateur detective (Natasha Lyonne) with a knack for spotting lies as she tries to unravel the truth behind a murder, and while she's not an alien, there's something about Lyonne's performance that sets her apart from the rest of humanity in her own quirky way.

Watch it now on Peacock!

Twisted Metal

There's not necessarily a ton of connective tissue between Peacock's Twisted Metal and Resident Alien, at least not in terms of subject matter. One is a fish-out-of-water sci-fi comedy, the other is a post-apocalyptic romp full of weirdos who drive beat-up, even weirder vehicles. If what you love about Resident Alien is its quirky tone, though, then Twisted Metal just might be for you. It's a different experience, but it's got matching vibes, and matching bonkers moments.

Watch it now on Peacock!


Alf is bathed in light in ALF.

Do we really need to explain this one? It's ALF, the legendary alien among humans sitcom that's as weird as they come, checking off a lot of the same boxes as Harry a few decades earlier. Check it out!

Watch it now on Peacock!