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First reactions to 'crazy, dark & soulful' 'Moon Knight' series draw comparisons to Marvel Netflix

The show doesn't premiere until March 30, but some lucky folks have already watched the first four episodes.

By Josh Weiss
Moon Knight (2022) PRESS

While Moon Knight doesn't arrive on Disney+ until next Wednesday, March 30, a number of lucky members of the press have already had the chance to check out the first four episodes. Does it live up to the hype? Early reactions are now available on Twitter, with some folks — like Brandon Davis, for example — hailing the latest MCU television series as "Marvel’s darkest and scariest" project to date. "The mysteries kept me really engaged and it plays a lot like a movie!" added Davis, who also praised the acting of Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector.

Indeed, the Star Wars vet is netting a great deal of the initial praise for his dual performance as a man struggling with disassociative identity disorder. Not exactly the easiest thing to do when you're being stalked by an Ancient Egyptian deity that may or may not be real. Twitter user @beaverdeeps described the show as "crazy, dark and soulful," going on to write: "It deals with heavy topics like mental illness brilliantly. Oscar Isaac IS Moon Knight I can’t wait for the fan reaction to this show they’re going to love it!"

"Oscar Isaac delivers a near-perfect performance, Ethan Hawke is brilliant as expected and May Calamawy is a delightful surprise," echoed @JacobFisherDF. "The exploration into Egyptian mythology is full of rich and intriguing details and I’ve loved every second of how Diab, Slater, Benson & Moorhead have built this new corner of the MCU. Episode 4 was my favourite, leaving on an exciting cliffhanger, an excellent sign that this series could be the best content from Disney+ yet."

Alex Maidy also took the time to praise Hawke, calling his villain Arthur Harrow "terrifying." In terms of overall tone, they characterized Moon Knight as "dark, violent, and very funny ... Not a traditional origin story, but also unlike any other @MarvelStudios series to date."

Other early audience members — such as Charles Villanueva — compared the project to the Marvel Netflix shows (now streaming on Disney+), which makes a lot of sense, given that Moon Knight is a brutal vigilante who operates in the dead of night like Matt Murdock.

"The first episode of #MoonKnight is everything I wanted from this show," wrote James Viscardi. "It’s everything we love about what the MCU can do, but goes way beyond it and positions it as one of the most unique shows/properties that we’ve seen. Isaac is great and Konshu is FANTASTIC."

Fandango's Managing Editor, Erik Davis, tweeted that he was "absolutely loving" the show so far and honed in on the story's connection to Ancient Egypt. "I love the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK vibes," he posted. "I love the versatility of Oscar Isaac's performance. All episodes rock, but Ep 4 nosedives down the rabbit hole in all the best ways."

The Movie Podcast host @shayhbaz was a little less complimentary, calling Moon Knight "ok." They continued: "From what I’ve watched so far I don’t feel invested in the characters or where the story is going. Oscar Isaac is no doubt a brilliant actor but it’s not enough. I am still curious how this will play out."

Check out some more reactions below...

Fans can make up their own minds about Marc Spector when Moon Knight lands on Disney+ Wednesday, March 30.