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Nebula vs Deadpool! Karen Gillan and Ryan Reynolds spar over fantasy football

By Brian Silliman
Nebula Guardians

Nothing can turn potential allies into enemies faster than fantasy football. When it comes to fantasy leagues, it's all about the trash talk, and Karen Gillan (Nebula in the MCU) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool in the X-films) recently showed us how it's done.

Both were encouraged to participate in the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League, with each contributing to the charity of their choice. Reynolds was matched against Gillan, and while he admits he'd rather verbally attack someone like Chris Evans (America's Ass), he didn't mince words in a very NSFW video to Gillan. 

So many of his insults are bleeped out, but he can be heard mocking Gillan's turn in the Jumanji films, as well as referring to her time on Doctor Who — he references a TARDIS filled with *bleep.*

Well ... let's just say that the daughter of Thanos did not take the words of this "sentient buttplug" (as Cable would say) very well.

Gillan responded with a video of her own, while claiming that actions speak louder than words. She then proceeded to take some action, though some of it was a little misguided. 

Not only is Gillan's video really entertaining, it features her burning a little action figure. Sure, she chose the wrong one — she burns a Spider-Man figure instead of Deadpool, but her message at the end is the same.

Reynolds naturally followed up once more, tweeting that they all owed Tom Holland (Spider-Man) an apology. 

Though Holland's Spidey didn't "feel too good" for a few moments there, he's back in the MCU, so he's probably feeling fine now.

This was a hearty war of words and deeds, but if we had to crown a winner, we'd go with Gillan. Not only is it joyful to hear trash talk done in her Scottish accent (the way trash talk was meant to be heard), her video is just a well-edited and -timed "screw you" to Reynolds. This is surprising, as trash talking is pretty much Deadpool's superpower. He's gonna have to step it up a notch, especially if he goes after Evans next. Don't mess with America's Ass.

Nebula 1, Deadpool 0 — at least in the trash talk department. You come for Karen Gillan, you (or Tom Holland) are gonna get burned.