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SYFY WIRE Daniel Dae Kim

WIRE Buzz: Netflix's Chupacabra movie; Pantheon cast adds Daniel Dae Kim; Soulmates renewed

By Jacob Oller
Daniel Dae Kim

Netflix is getting its own chupacabra film from a filmmaker with a hell of a genre pedigree. Jonás Cuarón, who co-wrote Gravity with his dad, Alfonso, is bringing the folklore beast to film for the streaming service.

According to Deadline, Cuarón will direct the film and is in the process of rewriting a recent draft of the script from Marcus Rinehart, Sean Kennedy Moore, and Joe Barnathan. The movie will involve the critter finding a friend in a teen on a trip to Mexico to visit his family — basically any good nostalgic "kid finds a magical creature and needs to save it" plotline follows the same structure. Even Bumblebee!

Saving a bloodsucking chupacabra is one thing; keeping it a secret from prying eyes and his own family (with the exception of some helpful cousins) is quite another. Expect a throwback romp when this film hits Netflix — though it'll be in the far future, since it's only at the scripting phase of pre-production.

Next, AMC's animated sci-fi series Pantheon has cast some heavy-hitters for its cloud-consciousness drama.

Variety reports that Daniel Dae Kim, Katie Chang, and Scoot McNairy will provide voices for the series (which already has a two-season order), which looks to tell tales adapted from Ken Liu's short stories about "Uploaded Intelligence, or human consciousness uploaded to the cloud."

The eight-episode show from creator/writer/showrunner Craig Silverstein looks to focus on a bullied teen (Chang) who gets a little help from her dead dad (Kim) thanks to a life-extending consciousness upload. Remember Upload? Same brain-scanning idea.

The rest of the cast includes Paul Dano, Rosemarie DeWitt, Aaron Eckhart, Taylor Schilling, Ron Livingston, Chris Diamantopoulos, Raza Jaffrey, Anika Noni Rose, Grey Griffin, SungWon Cho, Kevin Durand, Samuel Roukin, and Krystina Alabado.

No premiere date has yet been set for the sci-fi series.

Finally, Soulmates, another future-set AMC series, has been renewed for a second season — ahead of its first-season premiere.

The Wrap reports that the Will Bridges and Brett Goldstein-written anthology (set 15 years in the future where an important discovery — a perfect test telling you who your soulmate is — changes life as we know it) has secured Season 2 before Season 1 even launched.

"We are so delighted to have the opportunity to continue working with the incredible team at AMC to tell more of our romantically unromantic love stories and can’t wait to get back into the world they helped us create,” Bridges and Goldstein said, per The Wrap.

The cast of these "romantically unromantic love stories" includes Malin Akerman, Charlie Heaton, Betsy Brandt, JJ Feild, Sarah Snook, David Costabile, and Sonya Cassidy.

Soulmates hits AMC on Oct. 5.