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SYFY WIRE aliens

New trailer for paranormal docu-series Hellier will make you believe in aliens

By Elizabeth Rayne

Hellier is what happens when an alien investigation team kinda starts living The X-Files for real. Seven years in the making, the docu-series mystery backtracks to 2012 when paranormal investigator Greg Newkirk (aka “Silver Fox Mulder") was emailed by someone supposedly under attack by bizarre entities that would not leave him alone at night. All this might have sounded kind of unbelievable if the alleged photos of reptilian three-toed footprints and glowing eyes hadn’t emerged.

It gets weirder from there. Too many witnesses from the town of Hellier, Kentucky — the kind of town with just one gas-station-slash-grocery store and a pizza place — had some sort of sighting or encounter. Newkirk and his wife Dana, along with director Karl Pfeiffer and investigator Connor Randall joined forces to seek out what could possibly be lurking in the abandoned mine shafts deep in the shadows of the Appalachia.

If this still sounds questionable, you’re just not human if you don’t get spooked by the trailer.

Hellier is filmed in a way that is more cinematic than the usual shaky scenes filmed in a Jeep that is rapidly running out of gas in the middle of the woods. It is an earnest search for something that overshadows more than just one small town. It could, in fact, be spreading its proverbial tentacles much further.

The cinematography gives Hellier the feel of a movie when everything going on is in fact real (something that will seriously mess with your head), and unlike other docu-series that make you feel like an outsider looking in, you feel as if you’re actually with the team as they venture deeper and deeper into the mountains (something else that will mess with your head).

Hellier will invade Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vimeo and official site Hellier.TV on January 19. You’re going to want to binge this to the end.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)