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Say "Yes" to the 5 Best Moments from Jordan Peele's Nope

Time to revisit Jordan Peele's latest classic, Nope, as it returns to Peacock.

By Tara Bennett

Yes, Jordan Peele's instant sci-fi classic, Nope, is back on Peacock for your repeat viewing pleasure. Equal parts UFO thriller, treatise on humanity's insatiable need for spectacle, and a welcome history lesson on the impact of Black artisans in Hollywood, Nope is Peele's tentpole blockbuster with bite. 

Nope also features the fabulous performances of Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as Hollywood horse trainer siblings, OJ and Emerald Haywood; Steven Yeun as former child actor, Ricky "Jupe" Park; and Brandon Perea and Michael Wincott. Together, they sell Peele's vision of what might happen if a predatory UFO was revealed to a tiny patch of humanity in the remote foothills of Southern California.

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Since hitting play on Nope is one of our favorite things to do, SYFY WIRE has selected five of our favorite scenes from the movie below.

Top 5 Scenes from Jordan Peele's Nope

NOPE (2022) VFX

Aliens in the Barn

Peele is still toying with us as an audience in this sequence. We, like OJ, still aren't sure what's happening out in the valley, so this scene feels like it might provide some definitive answers to the confusing happenings occurring. It's a sequence full of valve release jump scares that culminate in a surprising reveal that's meant to mock and subvert what Nope is ultimately about... and obscure what's to come.  

Gordy's Massacre

Going into Nope, no one expected this harrowing sequence, which personifies one of the main themes Peele is exploring. Capturing the moment when Gordy, the trained "acting" chimp, reverts to his natural self in this unnatural sitcom arena is unforgettable for its brutality and compassion for the animal's fate. The sound design, the bits of blood we see versus what we're left to imagine, all of it is a horror show that sets the stage for what's going to happen in the Haywood's valley. 

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"It's in the Cloud!"

Emerald buys a load of video monitoring equipment to place around the ranch so they can try to capture whatever it is in the sky on camera, for proof and maybe some financial renumeration. Unfortunately, she figures out the thing they are searching for is hidden inside a cloud while OJ is by himself out in the yard, with no protection. The sequence is both comedic, as Emerald tries to move a bug that's obscuring a key camera lens, and terrifying, as OJ is being stalked from above. 

Raining Blood

The Haywood homestead does its best Carrie impression in the goriest section of Nope. During a nighttime arrival of the sky entity prowling their valley, OJ, Emerald, and Angel get to witness the aftermath of a prior Jupiter's Claim attack, as it processes its feed right on top of their home. 

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The Star Lasso Experience

Witness the hubris of Jupe and his family's attempt to "lasso" a UFO so they can monetize it to juice up attendance at their tiny mom and pop theme park. Yuen is mesmerizing in this sequence that has Jupe vacillating between playing the role of confident showman for his guests and gobsmacked human witnessing something incredible. Peele also creates an all-timer moment when it comes to alien devastation, as it slurps up a human feast. And then we get to see what that means for the victims inside the belly of the beast. Brutal!

Check out Nope, and the rest of Peacock's vast horror library of films. 

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