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Our favorite TV sci-fi space adventures to watch as ‘The Mandalorian’ returns

The Mandalorian is back, and it's got us craving space.

By Matthew Jackson
The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal, third from left)

This week, after a long wait punctuated by a brief appearance in The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian will make its return to Disney+, continuing a Star Wars saga that launched alongside the streaming service itself back in 2019. Star Wars fans everywhere are excited to see what adventures Din and Grogu get up to this time around, but of course, we can only watch one episode at a time, tuning in each week to check out the latest chapter. That means you might be craving more space adventure during the rest of the week.

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Of course, you can always just go back and re-watch the first two seasons of Mando, but what if you're looking to expand? What if you want to sample other flavors of space adventure along the way, dipping into other worlds (and other parts of the same world) while you wait for new episodes? That's where we come in. From a fellow Star Wars success story to an animated ramp, here are 10 space adventures we're thinking about as we savor The Mandalorian's return.

Andor (Disney+)

If you're craving more Star Wars, you of course have numerous options to turn to on Disney+, but in terms of live-action streaming storytelling, the galaxy has arguably never been better than Andor. Created by Rogue One co-writer Tony Gilroy, the prequel series exploring Cassian Andor's journey to becoming a Rebel leader is sharp, tense, and packed with the kind of meaning that only multiple viewings can truly reveal.

The Ark (SYFY, Peacock)

If you want another brand-new sci-fi adventure to dig into, SYFY has you covered with The Ark. The latest creation from genre master Dean Devlin, the show follows a group of young crew members on the title ship as they wake from cryogenic sleep to discover crisis after crisis. The fight for survival, and the future of humanity, is so intense that it delivers big twists not just each episode, but multiple times each episode. New episodes air Wednesday nights on SYFY, and stream next-day on Peacock.

Babylon 5 (Tubi)

Babylon 5 Still

J. Michael Straczynski's low-budget space station masterpiece remains an extremely influential piece of storytelling from the 1990s, and a masterclass in using minimal resources and sets to extract maximal impact. The story of the various political and military leaders who must navigate galactic diplomacy and conflict on the title space station, Babylon 5 is great at simultaneously exploring immediately interesting sci-fi concepts and long-term, slow-burn epics.

Battlestar Galactica (Peacock)

A watershed moment in sci-fi TV, Ronald D. Moore's updated take on Glen Larson's sci-fi world is still a fascinating, satisfying deep dive into the psychology of survival. Following a fleet of human refugees as they flee the destructive Cylons, Battlestar is simultaneously a remarkable time capsule unpacking the concerns and fears of post-9/11 America, and a timeless story of fighting to preserve the future no matter the cost.

Doctor Who (HBO Max)

The beloved time travel series turns 60 this year, and that means that when it comes to dipping into The Doctor's many adventures, you have a lot to choose from. Whether you prefer the earthbound stories of Jon Pertwee, the classic adventures of Tom Baker, or the epic spacefaring tales of David Tennant, Doctor Who is always there for you, ready to hop into the TARDIS. 

The Expanse (Prime Video)

There's a reason your friends who love The Expanse won't stop telling you to watch The Expanse. Smart, visually dynamic, and full of unforgettable characters, this series and its story of crisis and conspiracy told across a massive starscape is as epic as they come, and as addictive as anything else on this list.

Farscape (Peacock)

Farscape GETTY

Though it never quite hit the same cultural reach as certain other sci-fi shows of its era, Farscape still managed to exert a certain amount of influence thanks to its singular vibe and rich ensemble cast. The band of misfits that make up the voyagers at the heart of this story still captivate audiences all these years later, and if you still haven't taken this journey with them, now might be the time.

Futurama (Hulu)

Bender Futurama SCREENGRAB

If you like your space adventures just a little bit silly, the Planet Express crew is still there for you. A show so beloved that it's still getting revived over and over again, Futurama packs big sci-fi ideas, an endless string of jokes, and a great universe of characters into fun, easily digestible half hours you want to watch again as you're done with them.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)

You can, of course, take your pick of the many Star Trek series floating around out there, but at the moment, Strange New Worlds is the Belle of the Ball. Combining old-school adventure storytelling with modern character sensibilities and lots of wonderful design choices, it's a fascinating hybrid of Star Trek storytelling that feels like it took lessons from every show that came before it and applied them to something new and fresh.

Stargate SG-1 (Prime Video)

Stargate SG-1 Cast

The crew of Stargate SG-1 doesn't necessarily spend a lot of time hopping onto their favorite spaceships, but that's because they've got the gates to do the spacefaring for them. An extension of the Stargate feature film that began to set itself apart with expansive storytelling right away, SG-1 is full of intriguing journeys, big arcs, and lots of adventure fun. 

If you don't have time to watch a whole series at the moment, get your space fix with the 2009 TV movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, now streaming on Peacock.