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Full Netflix trailer for 'Pacific Rim: The Black' packs a punch with monster-sized worldbuilding

By Josh Weiss
Pacific Rim The Black

The Kaiju are back and come in even more shapes and sizes in the full, monster-sized trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black.

Hitting Netflix early next month, the new anime series is set after the events of the first two live-action films. When Australia is overrun by the colossal beasts from an alien dimension, two teenage siblings (Taylor and Hayley) are left behind. Searching for their missing parents, the siblings take control of ramshackle Jaeger, which they use to beat back the Kaiju.

And like we said, the beasties come in different sizes now; some are actually pretty small, making them even more dangerous to humans on the ground. At the same time, Taylor and Hayley finds themselves as pseudo-parents when they meet a feral kid also roaming the abandoned wasteland of Australia.

Watch below:

What's going on with that red-eyed Jaeger around 1:53? Is it even a Jaeger or something else entirely. We'll have to wait until March for an answer, but one thing is clear: Pacific Rim: The Black won't slack on the worldbuilding side of things, providing fans with a fresh POV outside of movie characters like Raleigh Becket, Mako Mori, and Jake Pentecost. The concept of smaller Kaiju alone will make it worth a watch, but in any case, who doesn't want to see robots and monsters beating the crap out of each other?

Given that the entire Pacific Rim IP was inspired by the giant monster and mecha genres from Japan, anime feels the perfect conduit through which to continue the series. Produced by Legendary Television, the show was created by Craig Kyle (Thor: Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution). Polygon Pictures (known for Netflix's trilogy of Godzilla anime films) handled the animation.

Check out some new key art below:

Pacific Rim The Black key art

Pacific Rim: The Black premieres on Netflix Thursday, March 4. Season 1 runs for seven episodes, each one clocking in at 30 minutes apiece.